February 8, 2021

Day: February 8, 2021

Dating horror stories: Rebuilding trust after divorce

“I’m not feeling a spark, but I like you. Let me know if you want to be friends.”

These are the words I found myself saying to Ike, the sexy art curator with the hot accent and keen intellect. He was the type of guy you brag to your girls about, which I had done profusely as soon as we matched on Bumble. But here we were on our third date, and he hadn’t made a move. I was a single mom four months out of an unhappy marriage and looking for instant gratification. Part of me was disappointed things

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A Spring Fashion Issue for an Optimistic Future

Our spring Women’s Fashion issue is always made in an optimistic frame of mind; we begin closing it in January, when the year is fresh, and the sense of possibility — however false or short-lived — still potent.

This particular January, of course, felt more charged than most. Last year was our annus horribilis, and our expectations for this year are bound to be impossible. But while some eras have come to their legal or official conclusions, their consequences and repercussions linger — 2020 was a reminder that the past is never the past, however much we pretend otherwise.


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Elroy Air – Visual & Brand Designer – sUAS News

At Elroy Air, we are building autonomous cargo aircraft systems that will change the way the world moves goods. Transporting cargo by air can be much faster than by land or sea – but before recent developments in perception, autonomy, electric powertrain and aerospace materials, air transport has remained too expensive. We’re going to change that. And we’re solving a big problem – the express logistics industry worldwide spends $140B annually.

Our future partners and customers are responding enthusiastically. As we prepare to pilot our vehicles with customers, we are looking for people like you: motivated teammates excited by this

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Fashion Start-Up Moda Design District Announces the Successful Completion of Seed Round

Over 110 Fashion Designers from Around the World Have Signed Up for Moda Design So Far, and Have Created Over 2,000 Unique Fashion Products

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2021 / The founders of Moda Design District, a fashion start-up created for independent and up-and-coming fashion designers to develop their brand globally, are pleased to announce the completion of a very successful seed round.

To learn how to become a member of the cutting-edge fashion start-up, please check out https://modadesign.com/sell-on-moda.

As a spokesperson for the tech start-up noted, the founders of Moda Design District have one key

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