February 24, 2021

Day: February 24, 2021

Ask Amy: Woman in startup should strike out | Lifestyle

Dear Amy: I work for a small entertainment startup, consisting of five cisgender white men. I got in on the ground floor during the pandemic.

As the only female and youngest/newest member, I’ve felt undervalued and excluded, despite being the only one with a four-year degree.

So far, I’d brushed these concerns aside because of my youth and lack of experience.

However, two weeks ago, politics came up and I realized that several of my co-workers (who are also co-owners) have beliefs that fly in the face of social justice, such as denying the existence of white privilege and calling

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BLM in Italian Fashion Campaign Shows Early Tangible Results | Business News

By COLLEEN BARRY, AP Fashion Writer

MILAN (AP) — A digital runway show by five Italian fashion designers of African origin opens Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday, one tangible result of a campaign launched last summer by the only Black Italian designer belonging to the Milan fashion chamber.

After some initial resistance and a slow start, designer Stella Jean credits the Italian National Fashion Chamber with “a lot of goodwill” in pushing through an enhanced collaboration with five young designers, including financing and partnerships with Italian suppliers.

“When you want to do something, you can do them immediately,’’ said Jean,

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Amateur Treasure Hunter Finds Trove of 1,000-Year-Old Viking Jewelry | Smart News

Last December, retired police officer and metal detecting enthusiast Kath Giles made a stunning discovery while exploring a tract of private land on the Isle of Man: a trove of 1,000-year-old Viking jewelry.

As Tobi Thomas reports for the Guardian, the cache includes a gold arm ring, a large silver brooch, a silver armband and a number of other artifacts dated to around 950 A.D.

“I knew I had found something very special when I moved the soil away from one of the terminals of the brooch, [and] then I found parts of the pin, the hoop and

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Minneapolis-based designer to make New York Fashion Week debut

Minneapolis-based fashion designer Mohamed Malim will be making his debut at New York Fashion Week. (Epimonia)

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks in fashion. Among some of the biggest names in the industry, a Minneapolis-based designer hopes to use the platform for a good cause.

More than two and half years after launching his brand, Mohamed Malim is preparing for his global debut.

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Alexander Wang, Who Built His Brand Around Partying, Faces More Misconduct Claims

In 2015, he left, after just six seasons, returning to his namesake label full-time. Since then, there has been a revolving door of chief executives at the Wang label — including when Mr. Wang himself replaced his sister-in-law in 2016.

His original party girl muses, like Vanessa Traina and Zoë Kravitz, had grown up; some had started families and cut down on their all-nighters. Some people inside his company thought the brand should mature past its wild-child image, too — past the headlines about a topless Miley Cyrus attending a Bushwick warehouse party hosted by Mr. Wang, or ad campaigns

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The top moments from New York Fashion Week

This month’s New York Fashion Week was primarily a virtual affair, with designers opting to release their collections via video or photo slideshows, but there was no shortage of buzz around the brands that did show.

One major moment was a surprise runway appearance at Proenza Schouler from newly minted IMG model Ella Emhoff (you may also know her as Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter who stole the inauguration fashion show in a sparkle-studded Miu Miu coat last month). Donning a relaxed-fit pantsuit — one of our favorite styles du jour — sans shirt, Emhoff, 21, rocked a hip mop

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