April 30, 2021

Month: April 2021

Women’s roles on the frontier

My early impressions of the American frontier were shaped by reading Western novels and watching movies and TV shows, which usually portrayed women as either vixens or victims. But the reality was they played a variety of important roles.

Louisa Ann Swain of Laramie, WY, was the first woman in the U.S. to vote legally in a general election, in September 1870. The state was also ahead of the pack in granting women the right to sit on a jury, act as a justice of the peace and serve as a bailiff.

Admittedly, it wasn’t so much enlightened thinking that

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The Limits of Virtual Fashion | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

This month, fashion brands RTFKT and The Fabricant collaborated on a line of earrings, sneakers and formal wear. Priced between $20 to $10,000, the collection was sold on the online marketplace Dematerialised, which had over 3,000 users register for access to the drop.

In under 15 minutes, the entire collection sold out, a familiar anecdote in the age of streetwear. RTFKT and The Fabricant’s collection, however, was entirely virtual, meaning all the garments produced, as well as the fashion houses and the retailer that supported them, exist solely in the digital fashion realm. The pieces were issued as non-fungible tokens,

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The Best Cheap Jewelry for Men Doesn’t Look at All Cheap

We’ve got a confession: “cheap jewelry for men” is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, the jewelry we’ve rounded up here is affordable—all of it clocks in at $150 or less—but none of it looks cheap. No, you’re not getting solid gold or precious gems at these prices. (And be wary if someone says you are.) 

Thanks to the men’s jewelry renaissance currently sweeping the nation, you no longer have to blow your life savings to bring some well-made, well-designed flash to your fits. The difference between the cheap men’s jewelry we’ve turned up and what falls off the back

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The Most Overrated Designer Brand, According To 33% Of People

Next up was Dolce & Gabbana, which got just over 13% of the vote, and Birkin, which 14% of readers voted as the most overrated designer brand.

We’d say that overall Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, and Birkin fared pretty well in this survey because there was a significant jump in numbers after Birkin. Twenty-eight percent of respondents named Louis Vuitton as the most overrated designer brand, which is double the number of people who chose Birkin. It looks like those monogrammed Neverfull Totes may not be as desirable as many of us thought.

But despite Louis Vuitton’s less-than-stellar showing in

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Sustainable fashion brands – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —  

Whether it’s reducing waste or using sustainable beauty products, there are many things we can change in our daily routines to live in a more earth-friendly way. One way you can cut down on your environmental impact is ditching fast fashion and instead shopping sustainably. But it’s not as easy as you might think. Sustainability has become somewhat of a marketing ploy for many companies; that’s why we talked to experts to figure out what brands are actually sustainable and what you should look for when trying to make the switch to sustainable fashion.

So what exactly does

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Why Having More Gay Women In Finance Is Important For Diversity

Stephanie McCaffrey, a former professional soccer player now on her way to Wall Street for her next future, has no shame about pursuing a career that will make her financially successful. Stephanie is a current second-year Wharton MBA and will work for Goldman Sachs as a full-time associate this summer. Her biggest goal is to help move the needle towards LGBT people and women in finance.

Stephanie wants to lead by the power of example. The mentors that she had the pleasure of meeting at Goldman Sachs during an internship she held at the firm last summer inspired her

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Tall Ugg Boots: Are You Ready For Their Return?

Back in January, the It girls couldn’t get enough of mini Uggs. Irina Shayk, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and more hit the streets in the Classic Ultra Mini, which hits at the ankle versus the brand’s classic mid-calf silhouette. They proved to be a sleeker and more discreet take on the classic tall boots, which you may remember being worn by stars like Paris Hilton in the early 2000s. 

But that was early 2021. Now, it seems we’re heading back towards the full-blown Uggs. At least, Gigi Hadid is. Yesterday in New York City, the model stepped out wearing Ugg’s

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Esports Fashion Group launches and unveils Esports Fashion Week

Esports Fashion Group, a new firm founded by Warren Fish, Owen Fish, Ali Rezvan, and Alex Bienert, has announced its formation and unveiled its first event, Esports Fashion Week. 

According to the release, Esports Fashion Week is projected for Q3 2021, with the event expected to be a ‘first-of-its-kind hub’ for brands within the industry to debut their latest collections.

Image credit: Esports Fashion Group

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Esports Fashion Group’s founders have experience across a multitude of sectors and have held positions at firm’s such as Verizon, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Movember. Warren Fish,

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Revenge Shopping vs Sustainability: Fashion Can’t Have Both | This Week in Fashion, BoF Professional

Climate-positive sweatsuits, circular sneakers and organic capsules. Fashion’s sustainability marketing became a frenzy with Earth Day this week. But this messaging jostled for attention alongside equally breathless predictions of a roaring resurgence in post-pandemic consumption.

Stores reopened in England last week to queuing crowds, which propelled the likes of Primark to record sales. In the US, retailers are on a hiring binge in anticipation of a major bounce back, while a strong rebound in demand in China continues to underpin the market.

Some brands are already reaping the benefits. LVMH saw sales from its fashion division jump 37 percent in

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