April 6, 2021

Day: April 6, 2021

Procrastinating on Pregnancy: How Long Can Women Wait to Have a Baby?

The whole concept of fertility, of deciding when you need to get pregnant, and then having it actually happen the way you planned, never quite worked for me.

I was single until age 34, and then we weren’t ready for a baby right away. We just timed my cycle, figuring if we got pregnant, fine. But the later the better. 

Then, a new gynecologist asked what I was using for contraception. I told her that I’d been using natural family planning — smug that I’d managed to make it work for more than a year.

“So, nothing,” she said. 


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Custom jewelry shop opens in Grand Forks, with the name coming from the street

A new custom jewelry shop has opened in Grand Forks, and its name is an ode to its location.

Diamonds on Demers is located at 667 DeMers Avenue, Suite 1002, in the train depot building. Owner Scott Imberi has worked in the industry for nearly 30 years. The South Dakota native came to Grand Forks in 1987, and has worked lengthy stretches in local jewelry stores. Imberi opened the shop in mid-February, and told the Herald it had been in the works since October.

“It’s a beautiful space. It has huge windows and probably 14-foot ceilings,” Imberi said. “When we

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The Infiniti QX55: Unapologetically Fashion-Forward

THE FIRST WORD of the press announcement is “unapologetic,” to wit: The “Unapologetic Infiniti QX55 to start at $46,500 MSRP ….” That’s some jazzy grammar there, Thelonious. For what is it not in the mood to apologize? The gravelly engine? The crypto-maniacal arrangement of controls? The price? Marketing means never having to say you’re sorry.

I suspect Infiniti is floating the idea that the styling of its new midsize premium crossover coupe is controversial, hoping to tap the love it/hate it energy of consumer psychology. The irony is that the QX55’s normcore prettiness leaves almost no one behind: a big

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