April 15, 2021

Day: April 15, 2021

A 23andMe DNA test leads Wilmington woman to siblings she never knew

Amanda Garcia was 12 years old when she learned her stepfather wasn’t her biological dad. Although not knowing has been a source of curiosity and concern over the years, she hasn’t decided to pursue contact since. 

In fact, it was general health and ancestry interests that led the 47-year-old Wilmington woman to take a 23andMe DNA test in October. She was surprised to learn that most of her genetic makeup relates to Europe and the British Isles. And the test didn’t reveal many insights about her health, either. 

No, the big shock came with a list of newly discovered family

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Chic fashion and styles on Amazon under $100

(CNN) —  

From cleaning supplies to personal care products to even groceries, Amazon has it all. And after some extensive perusing through the site, want to know what our latest obsession is? Amazon fashion.

“Amazon has done a great job of breaking down the trends — from utilitarian options, retro prints and women’s suits,” says celebrity stylist Erin Noël, who styles clients for red carpet events, music videos and commercials.

But what should you buy this season? Celebrity stylist Alyssa Sutter, who is known for her work with Rachel Zoe and looks on the red carpet, commercial

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Men pose as contractors, steal jewelry from Creve Coeur woman’s home

CREVE COEUR, Mo — Police are asking the public to be on alert after a group of men posing as contractors entered a woman’s home and stole jewelry. The incident happened in Creve Coeur, on a recent weekday afternoon. The men arrived in a white truck and offered to make repairs to the homeowner’s gutters.

The homeowner stepped outside her front door and was engaged in conversation with one of the men, unaware that the group had split up. At various points of the conversation, the suspects had entered the home and stolen jewelry from a bedroom.

A neighbor recognized

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Shanghai Fashion Week FW21 Street Style Looks

Shanghai Fashion Week just wrapped up its in-person Fall/Winter 2021 edition on April 13. Titled “Bloom The Spring,” the eight day event saw over 100 brands showcase their collections under China’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. Feeling like a lifetime ago since we saw our last street style looks, the HYPEBEAST China team has captured for us this season’s inspired fashion of young Chinese trendsetters, as we optimistically look towards a near future of live shows.

With the lingering cold, we see a heavy usage of jackets and casual suits, many of which are oversized and uniquely detailed. Accessories are

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