April 16, 2021

Day: April 16, 2021

South Korean Woman Says Malaysian Men More Appealing Than Those From Her Country | Lifestyle

We all know that many Malaysian women are infatuated with South Korean men, thanks to Korean dramas and K-Pop culture.

The Oppa craze.

Could you imagine if the tables were turned? 

Imagine South Korean women fancying Malaysian men instead.

Sounds impossible?

Not for one South Korean woman.

Minyeong Choi told Utusan Malaysia that Malaysian men are more appealing than South Korean men, especially when it comes to family-related responsibilities.

The 26-year-old claimed that Malaysian men were more likely to prioritise their families while South Korean men would rather spend their time having fun outside.

“Some of them get home so late that they

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Carolina K Talks Sustainability and Ethical Fashion

Carolina Kleinman founded her lifestyle brand, Carolina K, after traveling around the world and settling in the small town of Tepoztlán, Mexico. Although the Argentinian-born designer now resides in Miami, she still works closely with artisans in remote areas of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and India to achieve her eclectic and distinctive embroidered designs, rooted in tradition and culture. The artisans she works with uphold traditions like ancestral hand-crochet and looming practices, which eschew the use of electricity and dangerous chemicals. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to the brand and in an

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Shaq Went Jewelry Shopping And Casually Paid For A Stranger’s Engagement Ring

Most people’s engagement stories are romantic or at least worth retelling, but not many engagement ring purchase stories are … unless they involve Shaquille O’Neal.

The NBA legend was seen in a Zales jewelry store earlier this week, looking to buy some earrings, when he came upon a man trying to pay for an engagement ring. Eager to help, O’Neal stepped in and footed the bill for the man.

Naturally, video of the sweet moment ended up online and made the rounds on social media.

In an appearance on NBA on TNT the following day, the former basketball player explained

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10th UW Fashion Week starts

MADISON, Wis. — Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison held their first event for the 10th anniversary Fashion Week on Monday.

The week of event’s is hosted by the campus fashion and lifestyle magazine, MODA.

Co-Creative director, Samantha Starks, helped organize the week’s online and in-person events.

“Due to the pandemic we’ve had to adjust to mostly a virtual fashion week, but we do have a couple in-person events- so, today we have our photo station,” Spark said.

Student’s could

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Gucci Gwyneth Paltrow Iconic Red Velvet Suit Fall 2021

Gucci is 100 years old. It’s a lot of fashion history to wrap your head around, especially if you’re the creative director of the storied Italian brand, but Alessandro Michele did not sleep on it, releasing a collection in honor of that milestone today that elicited a resounding smile (and some shoulder shrugs to the beat of “Gucci Gang”) this morning. Celebrating a century “means being able to open the locks of history and linger over the edge of the beginning. It means soaking in that natal source to relive the dawn and the coming into view,” Michele said in

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What the Fashion Industry Can Learn

apple restore fund

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style points

Style Points is a weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world.

In fashion, there’s normcore, there’s gorpcore, and there’s even Totoro-core. And then there’s carbon. It might be the most unlikely buzzword to pop up in the industry, but over the past few years it has been in circulation nearly as often as fashion’s other favorite C-words, “capsule” and “collaboration.” Gabriela Hearst and Gucci have held carbon-neutral runway shows, and multiple fashion brands, including Burberry and De Beers, have announced their own ambitious paths towards carbon neutrality.

gucci spring summer 2020
Gucci’s spring 2020 carbon-neutral show.
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