May 1, 2021

Day: May 1, 2021

Why men win more Oscars than women | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW

“The Oscar goes to…” — in purely statistical terms, the name that follows will be a man’s. After all, 68% of the contenders for the prestigious trophy are male, which means that in 2021, men will receive the majority of Oscars. The good news is that the percentage of women nominated for an award is on the rise: 28.5% last year compared to 32% this year, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Two female directors are in the running, too: Chloe Zhao and Emerald Fennell. The fact that two women have been nominated in the Best

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India’s Fashion Artisans Face ‘Extreme Distress’ in Pandemic

Saddam Sekh used to be a floor supervisor at a steamy Indian workshop in Mumbai that produced orders for an exporter working with some of the biggest names in luxury fashion, including Dior and Gucci. Day and night, he would watch as the karigars — an Urdu term for the highly skilled artisans who specialize in handicrafts like embroidery, beading and appliqué — stitched designer gowns destined for the Hollywood red carpet, or ornate samples for runway shows in Milan and Paris.

But when the coronavirus pandemic took hold, their work slammed to a halt, the backbone of the Indian

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Vintage Inspired Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Collection

Dilemma! Antique jewelry is wonderful, but with this dream comes responsibilities—caring for old things can be daunting. Why not set your sights on vintage-inspired jewelry instead? Vintage-esque jewelry, freshly hatched and brand new, is meant to be thrown on and enjoyed—no loose stones to worry about, no fear that washing your hands will ruin a decoration applied 100 years ago, no wondering if what you bought is really what the dealer—he or she seemed so nice, but still…—swore it was.

Don’t think of these vintage-inspired pieces as mere replicas because they are emphatically not—they are fantasias, brilliant interpretations, spun with

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I Probably Can’t Afford a Fashion Week Show

Victoria Beckham: I Probably Can’t Afford a Fashion Week Show
Victoria Beckham. Pixelformula/SIPA/Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham’s namesake fashion line, VVB, may have a cult following, but the pandemic still took a big toll on the brand. So much so, that the 47-year-old designer may have to skip Fashion Week, which is happening in September 2021.

“I do still believe the best way to see fashion is a fashion show. To see the clothes, to hear the clothes, to see the models in the clothes. It’s hard to find a way that beat that,” Beckham told the Evening Standard in a Thursday, April 29, interview.

Even though an IRL show would

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St. Louis designer creates sustainable clothing brand

ST. LOUIS — This week we observed the 51st anniversary of Earth Day – a day set aside to show support for environmental protection.

In St. Louis, there is a young clothing designer on a mission to help take care of the world under our feet. He is using his spare time to build a brand that is minimal and sustainable.

“Need for a creative outlet in my life,” said Anthony White.

But instead of picking a hobby to occupy his days, he decided to do something bigger. He launched the Jon Blanco clothing line.

“The ultimate goal is to

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How to Find Good Clothing on Amazon

Amazon is a wonderful, wonderful thing. You can reliably find anything, for any need, and get it quickly, totally negating the need to do any manner of errands you just, honestly, don’t want to. But the one category that can still feel confusing to the primest of Prime members? Fashion.

Tucked in amongst all the home essentials and beauty buys, there’s a wonderfully wide section that can be surprisingly hard to enter given its breadth. If you aren’t regularly browsing Amazon Fashion, though, you’re doing yourself a disservice. From a healthy lineup of in-house labels to an impeccably edited

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