May 7, 2021

Day: May 7, 2021

7 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Fashion-Industry-Veteran Mom

My mother wore Alexander McQueen silk sarouel pants to my college graduation. I remember being equal parts delighted (she looked amazing) and also horrified (why couldn’t she be a normal mom?!).

My mother, Eleanore De Sole, known to her grandchildren as “Mama D,” was born in Orange, New Jersey. She is strong-willed, whip smart, and set in her ways. In the ’80s, she was a branch manager at IBM with strong ambitions to become president of the company one day. All photographic evidence suggests that the power suit was her go-to look in those days. She was moving up the

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Theft at Thomas James & Bechtold Jewelry

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A local jewelry store owner wants your help tracking down who got away with thousands of dollars of jewelry.

It started out like any other Wednesday but that changed when two men walked into Thomas James & Bechtold Jewelry.

“The gentleman was looking for a birthday present for his wife and, we were assisting him and we were watching and he had a relative with him, supposedly. And the relative was kind of walking around and we typically watched that pretty carefully,” Thomas Faini said.

As he walked around, he also reached around the counter.

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Head of State Designer Taofeek Abijako Reflects on His Obsession With Books

Sustainability is another big aspect of the brand. “I grew up on the mainland in Lagos, and there was a lot of flooding and ocean waste coming in,” Abijako says. “I thought, whatever I want to do with my brand, I have to be intentional with it, and to not contribute to this.” Right now, his line is about 70 percent made with sustainable fabrics. Building collections around whatever fabric he stumbles upon is enjoyable, rather than a hurdle. “It challenges me as a designer to think outside of the box,” he says. 

Abijako’s latest collection, titled “Johnny Just Come,”

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Fashion brand ASOS praised for featuring model with cochlear implant in earrings ad

Fashion critics want ASOS to hear their applause for a current online ad, featuring an earring model with a cochlear implant.

The British brand is currently peddling a pair of small gold hoop earrings with a dangling mushroom charm for $6.89, but the whimsical design isn’t what the buzz is about. As seen on the product page, the smiling model is wearing a cochlear implant on her right ear. MyLondon has identified the blonde beauty as model Natasha Ghouri, who was born deaf.

The gold hoop earrings with mushroom charm by ASOS.

The gold hoop earrings with mushroom charm by ASOS.


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