May 9, 2021

Day: May 9, 2021

London Mayoral Elections 2021: Which Candidate Is Best For Women?

If re-elected, Khan says he will “help tackle the lack of confidence many women and girls have in policing and the wider criminal justice system,” he writes. First and foremost, he wants to re-frame the narrative. “The problem is with men who are sexist or inappropriate, or even in some cases men that are violent. And it’s not women who should have to change the way they live their lives – it’s men who need to change – and that’s why rooting out these abhorrent behaviours is so important,” he continues.

So, how will he bring about change? By

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The 2021 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Grant Recipients Share Their Visions for Fashion’s Future

Congrats on receiving a CVFF grant! How do you plan to use this funding in the coming year?

We’re building an internship program with the explicit goals of increasing our capacity to realize different creative projects, as well as begin to create a pipeline and an access point for historically underrepresented folks to enter the fashion industry and play an essential role in our own process of envisioning a luxurious Black future.

What do you hope to learn from your mentors?

I think what I have learned to date is that there is a big gap between theory and practice.

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The Inside Track: Why fashion’s groupthink had to go

“If you’ve got a group of people who agree on something, others will agree even if it’s completely contrary to what their own senses tell them,” Dr. Nemeth told me when I phoned her this month at home, where she was recovering from a fractured hand. “As few as three people who all agree that blue is green will lead most people to agree that it’s green.”

So it doesn’t bend the mind to think that when three executives agree that fashion brands should produce eight collections a year, and 60 per cent of the runway collection should be directional

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