June 7, 2021

Day: June 7, 2021

Dating expert reveals the ideal way to ask a woman out & every bloke should watch this

DATING during Covid can be hard, with socially distanced park dates or Zoom drinks galore – but as we return to normal an expert reveals the best way she was asked out.

Simone Grossman, a VIP Matchmaker for matchmaking company Three Day Rule, shared her recent experience with a man who tried to ask her on a date.

Simone praised the man's 'successful' technique


Simone praised the man’s ‘successful’ technique

The US-based expert revealed on TikTok that a stranger had asked her out in a park and praised him for his successful method.

She says that while she was waiting for a friend in

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‘I felt nauseous in Topshop’: why a fashion editor gave up buying new clothes | Fashion

It was April 2019. I was seven months pregnant and in Topshop, looking for something large in which to rehome my body.

I was wearing a maternity dress that, if you had seen me pregnant, you would have recognised – a cheap, pleated wraparound in a red floral print that expanded as I expanded. I imagined Issey Miyake, but increasingly looked more like an armchair. It had served me well, but I was determined to buy something, anything, to see me through the next few months.

Ferrier’s red maternity dress - her second-to-last purchase of new clothes.
Ferrier’s red maternity dress – her second-to-last purchase of new clothes.

I had been

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Fashion Forward: Timmins Talks Fashion Through the Centuries for MHS

Pam Johnson/Zip06.com

06/03/2021 04:00 a.m. EST

If you turned back the clock to Madison’s earliest days, Tori Timmins could tell you the origin story of every stitch of clothing worn by the town’s frugal, practical, and puritanical colonists. In fact, Tori could take that story line through to the history of the early 20th century, which is exactly why the Guilford resident is the perfect person to discuss fashion through the centuries for Madison Historical Society (MHS)’s virtual

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