June 8, 2021

Day: June 8, 2021

Bela: Prantik Basu’s documentary is a persuasive instance of preservation

There is an instance in Prantik Basu’s Bela — a lived-in documentary rooted in a titular village in Purulia, West Bengal — where a woman tries putting a heap of dry leaves on her head. The rigour of the act reflects the preciseness of a habit. Her hands move like responding to a cadence. And then, exhibiting a lifetime’s worth of training, takes a wooden stick and adjusts her balance. The moment plays out with such lucidity that it casts a spell, unlocking at once the gift of Basu’s artistry and the reward of watching closely.

A similar sense of

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Small Talk: Fashion is at my fingertips

I’ve been feeling rather hip this week. I painted my toenails gray-blue.

As usual, I am grabbing the coattails of this particular fashion trend, but I’m still pretty pleased with myself. It took me this long to not wince when I saw finger- and toenails in colors other than the traditional reds and pinks, but here I am, with gray-blue toes. 

I blame my father, whose voice I could hear even as I applied this off-color color.

“It looks like you’ve been dead for a week,” he would have joked.

It’s tough to shake off those things parents leave

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Jewelry Designer Ananya Speaks About Her Inspiration, Heritage, And Vision For Her Young Brand

Ananya is inspired by designer Ananya Malhotra’s passion for colored gemstones and their healing properties. Her family exposed her to the fashion industry early on, encouraging her then-burgeoning creativity. Her line of jewelry launched three years ago, and she quickly made a name for herself with her unique designs. Influenced by her Indian heritage, values, and spiritual nature, each of her creations has both deep meaning and thoughtfulness behind it. In this interview, she talks about her journey, inspirations, and what makes her line unique.

How did you launch your line and what were some

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