June 9, 2021

Day: June 9, 2021

The dark threats and sexual abuse women gamers endure

Not a day goes by, says Sunpi, a high-profile gamer, that a man she doesn’t know sends her a dick pic, or asks if he can.

And the abuse she endures is often violent in its language. “I’ve had people online harassing me saying they’ll murder me and murder my family if I don’t give them attention”.

The sexual abuse and sinister threats Sunpi has faced are sadly by no means unique. Woman in gaming routinely suffer sexual harassment, aggressive abuse and sometimes even graphic threats of rape and murder from male gamers.

Research, shared exclusively with The Independent,

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The 29 Best Men’s Jewelry Brands to Know and Gift

Much to our delight, the best men’s jewelry has been evolving. Husbands, boyfriends, friends, fathers, sons have so much more to pick from than a chain necklace or a leather wrap bracelet—and even those have gotten better if that’s still your fancy. Think stones, color, mixed materials, and sometimes a bit of sparkle for the more daring of the lot.

The men’s jewelry renaissance has gained steam of late thanks to the sartorial pursuits of style icons like Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, and Daniel Kaluuya. These heavy hitters have helped push the modernization of men’s jewelry and the embracing of

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The Milestone Presence of Indigenous Design at Australian Fashion Week Is a Reminder of Fashion’s Power

Australian Fashion Week started in a way it never has before—with a Welcome to Country, a ceremony held by First Nations elders, welcoming guests to Gadigal land. For the first time, a smoking ceremony— with burning eucalyptus leaves and a traditional dance by the Muggera dance company—was accompanied by fashion, with three Indigenous models, all newly signed to IMG, wearing designs from First Nations labels.

Wearing a jumpsuit from Aarli, wearable art from Penny Evans, a Ngarru Miimi dress, and scarves from Rujaki designs, models encircled the smoking leaves—a powerful visual symbol that signaled the milestone moment of change this

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Selena Gomez Gets Candid About Her Best (and Worst) Fashion Moments

“Oh, I’m nervous. Oh, it’s bad.” This may be how Selena Gomez kicked off her Life in Looks video for Vogue, but a look back at some of the singer’s most iconic fashion moments is hardly frightful—rather, they range from edgy and cool to glamorous and feminine. 

For a blast from the past, Gomez kicked off the series with a punky outfit she wore to an ABC All Star party in 2007. “It’s so bad,” she says of her oversized tee, skinny jeans, and white stiletto boots, which she styled herself. “I thought I was so cool, you guys.” However,

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