July 1, 2021

Day: July 1, 2021

Woman trains men to box in Egyptian agricultural heartland

BENI SUEF, Egypt, June 14 (Reuters) – Twice a week in a small gym room in the Egyptian city of Beni Suef, 36-year-old Sabah Saqr coaches young men and boys to box.

A woman coaching men may not be that unusual in the capital, but in Beni Suef, which lies 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Cairo in an agricultural area, tradition often limits women’s roles.

“I started boxing by accident,” said Saqr, who was spotted by a coach impressed by her strength and energy. “I didn’t used to like it because I was worried about my face, about being

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Fashion designer Roger Gary returns to Summer Sizzle BVI

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Guyanese-American fashion designer, Roger Gary, will get his heart’s desire to do what he does best since the pandemic. He will showcase his stunning Aqua Couture swimwear collection, when he returns to the Caribbean’s top fashion event, Summer Sizzle BVI, on July 25.

The fashion maven said Summer Sizzle in the British Virgin Islands, is one of the exciting fashion events that he looks forward to being a part of every year, and added that during

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The Top 10 Pieces of Men’s Silver Jewelry to Wear in 2021

Legendary designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design,” and he knew what he was talking about. Sure, your kicks, shirt, and pants make an impact. In fact, they’re probably the things on which people base their very first impression of you. But if you’re looking to take your fits up a level, you’ve got to explore the world of men’s silver jewelry. With the right jewelry, your looks take on a sense of expertise that simply can’t be achieved without those small, shiny details.

Unfortunately, men’s silver jewelry is a minefield. There’s

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What You Missed From Denver Fashion Week 2021

This past weekend marked the 13th year of Denver Fashion Week (DFW) and this year’s bi-annual event was a showstopper to say the least. Produced by 303 Magazine and held at the Forney Museum of Transportation in RiNo, DFW brought together designers, models, stylists and show-goers alike for a much-needed celebration of fashion after a year of social distancing and isolation. 

This year was special because the crowd gathered at an event unlike anything we have seen in recent months. Fashion can be based on a social premise of sharing one’s identity and self with others through their appearance. This

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Windowsen Wants You to Dress Like a Hot Alien

Windowsen’s 2021 couture collectionPhoto: Courtesy of Windowsen

Given the collection has an avant-garde feel, Lii also makes use of innovative production methods, like 3-D printing to make his samples. (Due to quality and durability issues, he doesn’t use the method for the actual final products). The samples for the shapely sunglasses, jewelry, and shoes in his latest collection were 3-D printed, then embellished by Lii afterwards. “When I have the 3-D image of the shoe, I [can] print it out and see how it is in real life, and if anywhere needs to improve or adjust,” Lii explains.

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JW Anderson: Fashion’s King of Weird Ushers In an Era of Gnarliness

All of that is to say that he’s making clothes that follow those dicta. The collection he showed for JW Anderson on Wednesday was, as he put it, “very JW.” Designers seem to be thinking a lot about simple pleasures, but too often that’s meant clothes that feel safe. Anderson’s simple pleasures always have the strange zing that makes fashion Fashion: You look at it, and you just want to wear it—or, better, to be the person who does.

Photograph by Juergen Teller. Courtesy of JW Anderson.

“In a weird way,” he went on, “I find nothing more modern than

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