July 3, 2021

Day: July 3, 2021

This Kansas City Woman Cared For Her Parents With Dementia. Then Her Own Memory Started To Slip | KCUR 89.3

For many people, developing dementia can be a terrifying prospect, and experts warn that within the next few decades, the United States will face a surge in cases due to its aging population.

A newly approved drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease has raised hopes for a treatment, despite incomplete evidence that it improves symptoms. But a growing body of research suggests that exercise, sleep and other behaviors may be powerful preventive tools, even for people who are genetically predisposed to the disease.

“Maybe it does run in your family, because there’s a few of these risk genes that are in

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Slow Factory Foundation And Waste Management Introduce Designers Creating Waste-Led Fashion For WM Design Challenge

Slow Factory Foundation has assertively made an effort to reimagine the fashion industry from the history of its cotton fields to the future, where it consumes our planet. The idea behind this non-profit organization founded by Céline Semaan and Colin Vernon is to give fashion and the consumers the tools to create circular fashion items that help and won’t harm the earth.

Waste Management and the Slow Factory Foundation have joined forces to foster

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Romantic Rubies In Antique/Vintage And Modern Jewelry

The color of passion and desire – ruby, the fire-y gem – never ceases to hypnotize and create a sensual or glamorous allure in antique, vintage and modern jewelry.  July babies can choose from a variety of styles in each classification of jewelry, from dressed down to dramatic with a nod to regal jewels.

Speaking of regal jewels, before we take a look on what you can find in rubies on the market today that will make your heart skip a beat, let’s take a look at some of the famed designs, owned by icons of style, Hollywood royalty and

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Armani’s menswear confirms in-person future of Milan fashion week | Armani

Such is Giorgio Armani’s eagerness for getting back to holding physical fashion shows that not even a nasty fall resulting in a fractured shoulder and 17 stitches 20 days ago could stop him from holding his first show in 16 months on Monday evening in Milan.

Addressing the rumours that he had recently been in hospital, the 86-year-old designer explained to waiting press after taking his bow at his spring/summer 2022 menswear show that he fell down the stairs while leaving the cinema but wanted to reassure everyone that he was fine and still raring to go.

It is no

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11 Cool Things to Buy This Month, According to Vogue Editors and Readers

As Vogue editors, we often wax poetic on the latest runway must-haves and home-decor treasures, but not every item we gush about on this website ultimately ends up in our closets and homes. Our discoveries are nice to behold—they’re lovely to look at and inspire fun conversation—however, of all these cool things to buy, what did we actually end up buying? Each month we’ll highlight those special finds our editors welcomed into their lives—all the things that gave us buyer’s rejoice.

From the newly resumed Broadway shows to the comeback of weddings, it feels so good to see the world

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