July 7, 2021

Day: July 7, 2021

Woman shames Bumble match who told her to ‘hit the gym & join Weight Watchers’ after she asked him out

NAVIGATING the sometimes cruel world of online dating can be tough, but this confident singleton had no issue reaching out to a bloke she fancied.

But in return she received disgusting comments targeting her weight with the horrible man telling her to “hit the gym and join Weight Watchers.”

The woman shared a screen grab of the text exchange online


The woman shared a screen grab of the text exchange onlineCredit: TikTok

Not phased though, the woman decided to publicly shame him on her TikTok page sarcastically urging other women to “come get your man.”

In the clip, she showed a conversation she claims was between her and the

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New Pokemon Jewelry Honors Snorlax and Friends

Pokemon has all sorts of collectibles out there, and it has gathered a few pricey ones in its time. From rare trading cards to old-school games, Pokemon collectors could spend millions of dollars trying to catch all their most-wanted items. Thankfully, there are some nicer items on sale that Pokemon fans can buy to treat themselves, and a new jewelry line proves as much is true.

Thanks to u-Treasure, it seems Pokemon is stepping out with another jewelry line, and this one is focused on everyone’s favorite sleepy monster. The collection, which went live in Japan this month, is dedicated

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Cactus Jack x Dior Summer 2022 First Look Details

Anticipation for Dior‘s Summer 2022 menswear show has been building since the house announced plans for a blockbuster Travis Scott collaboration. The partnership between Scott and Kim Jones — who appeared together at the end of the show — marked a new direction for Dior, representing the first time a musician had ever collaborated on a full collection. The show itself was also soundtracked by Scott, who teased new music throughout.

Throughout the collection, Dior house codes were mixed with Cactus Jack motifs. A series of large cacti appeared across the set, with cactus brooches and imagery featuring throughout

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Martine Rose’s brand of footy terraces skeeze is a SS22 mood

“This [collection] really places football at the heart, from the subtle reference in the Subbuteo stand the models are on to the character. He’s a character I’ve always been interested in,” Rose explained to me after the presentation. “He comes up all the time in various collections and has manifested again in AW21, a football casual-meets-raver vibe. Football culture’s got everything, like a Shakespeare play. It can be tragic, edgy, some characters are really likeable, some aren’t and I find that so interesting.”

The resulting clothes are imbued with a level of lowkey, terraces-inspired skeeze all Rose’s own. From the

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Givenchy throws a teenage tantrum, and more fashion news you missed

Beyond all the archive Vivienne Westwood revivals, The Cure t-shirts, and the sugary punk of Olivia Rodrigo, designers, as well as celebrities, have been engaging with a slightly grungier aesthetic this season. There were face-pierced desert ravers at Burberry, nu-ravers in cloaking, acid wash denim at Louis Vuitton, and now Givenchy has presented a feral, graffitied collection set in the abandoned railways of Paris. Today (July 2) Matthew Williams sent out a slew of teenage runaways, strapped with bulging rucksacks and body jewellery. If garments weren’t ripped or frayed, they had been defaced with spray paint, as per the

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