July 17, 2021

Day: July 17, 2021

Olympian Allyson Felix Launched a Sneaker Just For Women

Olympian Allyson Felix has fire in her belly as an advocate for fellow mothers who are athletes, record-breaking speed in her feet, and the guts of an innovative entrepreneur unafraid to create a product.

Felix is a six-time gold medalist who “is the most decorated U.S. track and field athlete of all time,” according to the Olympics.

But before competing in the Olympics, the athlete and entrepreneur created “a lifestyle sneaker designed for and by women” under her brand called Saysh. Additionally, “a community-centered lifestyle brand that creates products for, and by, women” was also created. However, when it comes

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Shop Summer’s Body Jewelry Trend

Fashion has seen its fair share of comebacks of late, but one era slowly creeping its way back into our closets is the aughts—it came as a surprise, but we’re not going to lie when when we say we’ve been thoroughly enjoying many of the lost Y2K styles. So with summer now in full swing, we are looking back to the aughts for a new take on sleek with the return of anklets and body jewelry.

Much like a dainty necklace, the appeal of the anklet comes from its ability to be stylish and discreet. A slim slip of gold

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The Best Street Style Trends from Haute Couture Week – Paris Fall 2021

The triumphant return of in-person fashion shows in Paris (or New York on a rescheduled date after a deluge of unexpected rain, if you’re Pyer Moss) also marked the return of the internet’s favorite part of fashion week — street style.

The fascination that surrounds fashion week street style needs no explanation. When the entire fashion industry gathers to celebrate a major designer’s new collection, naturally we want to know what fashion’s biggest players (and newest arrivals) will be wearing. The streets of Paris hosted swaths of attendees Haute Couture Week’s Fall 2021 season and when it came to street

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Note To Luxury Brands: Don’t Spoil The Plot!

Key Takeaways:

  • The hashtag #DramaIreSyndrome is resonating with netizens, hitting 110 million views on Weibo recently.

  • Yunhe data shows that 59 percent of the C-drama watchers were women in 2020, and 70 percent of those were in the age category of 20-39, coinciding with the top luxury target.

  • The exposure gained through luxury product seedings in popular TV shows is definitely worth an investment. The show “Nothing but Thirty,” for example, garnered 4 billion views within 18 days of its release.

“[In teleplays,] they always take a taxi or have someone picking them up, live in luxurious apartments in

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