24 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts 2021 She’s Sure to Love

Not to discount the loveliness of flowers, but when shopping for Mother’s Day, jewelry gifts are indisputably longer lasting. There is a staying power, sentimentality, and heirloom quality of jewelry that makes it an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day gift. Not to mention, there are infinite possibilities of jewelry that feel personal with birthstones and engraving options. After all, these are pieces that will most likely make their way down the inheritance chain to her children—even more reason to give Mother’s Day jewelry gifts with thought.

When Noura Sakkijha, CEO and cofounder of Mejuri, had her twins two years ago, she became even more focused on creating pieces that can stand the test of time: “While we have always produced fine jewelry to last forever,” says Sakkijha, “it has been important to me to create unique, beautifully crafted heirloom pieces that can remind you of a person or memory.”

And though we should celebrate mothers every year, Sakkijha brings up the good point that over this past year, so much has fallen on the shoulders of mothers—now is the time to show them our appreciation. “The past year has been difficult for everyone, but even more so for mothers who are juggling many roles. A gift that truly caters to her will mean so much. By investing in a piece she can keep forever but wear every day, the sentiment behind celebrating her also creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.”

So, by all means, buy the flowers (I would never discourage someone from buying my namesake), have the kids draw a card (really, do!) but take the below Mother’s Day jewelry gift suggestions seriously as the main gift.


This selection of lockets, talismans, and engravable pendants are full of sentiment and versatility—they pair just as well with T-shirts and sweaters as they do breezy dresses.

Rondel the Ardor Jelina necklace

Jane Win Vitality pendant coin necklace

Marisa Klass 18k tourmaline on turquoise beads

Monica Rich Kosann 18k-yellow-gold and sterling silver heart-locket necklace with diamond accents

Kinn Dear Kaia initial necklace

Jennifer Fisher Family small disc pendant with diamond


These personalizable signet rings, slim bands with a slice of sparkle, or an engraving of mama, all have significance and can be easily integrated into most ring groupings

Mejuri goop pavé diamond Dôme ring

Irene Neuwirth turquoise and 18k-gold ring

Ferian Cupid Wedgwood cameo and 9k-gold ring


Simple hoops and drops with plenty of color and sparkle will add some shine and fun to a mother’s wardrobe.

Maison Mayle twin comet earrings

Harwell Godfrey 18k yellow-gold hexagon earrings

Dubini Empress 18k-gold, citrine, and garnet earrings

Theodora Warre emerald and gold-plated sterling silver earrings

Lizzie Fortunato Tile quartz, rhodolite, and gold-plated earrings

Bondeye Jewelry emerald-cut Munchkin blueberry glazed earrings


Consider sweet bracelets with bouquets of colors—or even flowers—to add to her collection.

Scosha Night Market bangle with mixed stones

Yi Collection rubellite bar bracelet

Atelier Paulin personalized five-letter twist-wire bracelet

Azlee diamond and 18k-gold charm bracelet

Pamela Love multilink anenome bracelet

Dauphinette rosebud bracelet