August 2, 2021


Jean-Claude Van Damme unwittingly aids in jewelry heist

Jean-Claude Van Damme seemed to be an accessory to a crime through no fault of his own… and without even knowing it.

Earlier this week, the action star was reportedly visiting an eye wear store in Paris. Unbeknownst to Jean-Claude, at the same time he was at the optician, a crook was robbing a nearby jeweler, to the tune of about $3.5 million in jewels.

a man wearing a hat and glasses: Jean-Claude Van Damme

© Richard Milnes/Shutterstock
Jean-Claude Van Damme

Video: Two people shot and wounded after gunfire erupts in Washington, D.C. (NBC News)

Two people shot and wounded after gunfire erupts in Washington, D.C.



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New York Fashion Week Is Really, Finally Back

DUNCAN — 3:00 p.m.

CINQ A SEPT — 3:00 pm.m – 4:30 p.m.

ELENA VELEZ — 4:00 p.m.

NEW YORK MEN’S DAY — 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.






PETER DO — 5:00 p.m.

DUNDAS — 6:00 p.m.



PRABAL GURUNG — 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 9th


3.1 PHILLIP LIM — By appointment

ADAM LIPPES — 9:00 a.m.

VERONICA BEARD — 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

BEVZA — 11:00 a.m.

GABRIELA HEARST — 12:00 p.m.


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How to Become a Fashion Designer | Best Colleges

The greatest thrill of being a fashion designer, many of them say, has nothing to do with dressing up supermodels for glamorous events and watching them walk down runways wearing the clothing you designed – though that is a plus and a sign of success. What makes the job truly exciting, several designers say, is watching an everyday person smile when they put on an outfit you created that makes them feel confident.


“As far as the most gratifying thing, it’s hearing and seeing people’s reactions to the clothes and hearing them say, ‘I feel comfortable,'” says

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The Vineyard Gazette – Martha’s Vineyard News

Stina Sayre strutted slowly down the runway wearing a pair of stunning faux-fur chaps.

Judy Williams wearing a jacket that is part of the new collection by Stina Sayre.

Ray Ewing

The Vineyard Haven fashion designer welcomed everyone to her 2021 Freedom Collection fashion show, with a reminder of the cause.

“We’re here to celebrate women’s freedom and to stay awake because . . . it seems like our nation is not paying attention,” she said.

Held in Ms. Sayre’s Main street Vineyard Haven store late Wednesday afternoon, the lighthearted show was meant to highlight the freedom of women’s

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Religious man holds up sign at Jacksonville Beach telling women to ‘dress modest’

A religious fan has ignited fury by parading down a Florida beach with a sign demanding that women “dress modest”.

TikTok user @.katie.simmons was minding her own business at Jacksonville Beach in the US when a middle-aged religious fanatic blocked her view.

She captured the entire incident on camera, and since sharing it to TikTok on Monday, it has gone viral with more than 680,000 views.

Standing in front of her, the man held up his aggressive handwritten sign.

It read: “God says Christian women dress modest.

“1 Timothy 2:19.

“Repent. Turn to Jesus.”

But Katie was having none of

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Can Stella McCartney Clean Up Fashion? | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

“We are literally getting away with murder,” Stella McCartney said through her computer screen. A week earlier, she’d delivered this message to a group of the world’s most powerful leaders at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England.

The designer’s pitch was simple: government regulators and policy-makers need to stop giving fashion a pass. Instead, they should treat it like the automotive sector or any other big, heavily polluting industry, with tougher oversight and stronger incentives to reduce environmental impact.

“There needs to be policies set in place to police our industry,” McCartney said. “Certainly the industry has fallen short …

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Tiffany’s New Jewelry Creations Are as Beautiful As Their Containers

From top: Ring in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum with a black opal and diamonds; the vessel is sterling silver patinated with liver of sulfur. Ring in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum with an unenhanced Colombian emerald and diamonds; the vessel is sterling
silver and 18-karat yellow gold. Prices upon request.

Colors of Nature, Tiffany’s new high jewelry 2021 Blue Book collection, features the dazzling array of confections you would expect from the storied brand. Gemstones both familiar and less so—demantoid garnets and spessartines, for example—scintillate in a full-tilt exploration of hue and intensity. But in this outing, the jewelry

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Models, designers and photographers WON’T have to quarantine for London Fashion Week

Models, designers and photographers WON’T have to quarantine when they fly into UK for London Fashion Week

  • Even unvaccinated travellers will be allowed to attend without quarantining
  • It is hoped the move will help revive Britain’s £35billion fashion industry
  • Those arriving will can only leave their hotels for work at the September event

International models, designers and photographers flying in from all over the world will not have to quarantine for London Fashion Week.

Travellers from amber list countries who have not

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TikToker slams man telling women to dress modestly at beach

A woman says she was harassed by a man on a Florida beach after he stood in front of her holding a sign about modesty while she was wearing a bathing suit.

TikTok user @.katie.simmons, who goes by Katie on the app, questioned the sign which read, “God says Christian women dress modest” — in a now-popular TikTok with almost 660,000 views.

“Sir, it’s a beach,” Katie can be heard saying in the clip. “Are we supposed to dress modest at a beach?”

“God doesn’t want women —” the man begins before Katie interrupts.

In the past, TikTokers used

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