June 16, 2021


More Women Are Saying No To Motherhood. Will Society Ever Listen?

Child-free women are having a bit of a moment in the media.

“Why many women are intentionally opting out of parenthood,” one recent Today Show headline said. “Choosing ‘child-free’ does not equate to a dislike for children,” the subhed added — lest we think these women are baby-disinterested jerks.

Last month, The New York Times ran a photo series by Zoë Noble, a photographer in Berlin who’s capturing the lives and stories of the “consciously child-free.”

“People ask me ‘Why not?’” one woman featured in the story said. “Why don’t we ask the other question: ‘Why are you choosing

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Fran Drescher Pulls Off the Ultimate Outfit Repeat, 27 Years Later

According to Drescher via email, when HBO Max was promoting the streaming of The Nanny, she insisted that the company hire the original costume designer Brenda Cooper, who had held onto the vest for over 25 years. According to Fine, “it was Brenda who had the genius idea to ‘suggest Fran Fine’ by using the vest but ‘bring it into the moment making it more modern’ with a black turtleneck, Wolford pegged skirt, black sheer hose, and Jimmy Choo heels!”

LOS ANGELES – JANUARY 3: THE NANNY, featuring Fran Drescher and Charles Shaugnessy. January 1994. (Photo by CBS via Getty
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This Indigenous Artist Makes Jewelry Inspired by LGBTQ+ Pride

Spreading the word about the importance of representation for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Indigenous people is paramount for Lynn. “I use QueerKwe Designs to do advocacy work,” they said. “I’ve given lectures on Two Spirit identity at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. I’ve hosted beading workshops. And I’ve helped train organizations here to be more LGBTQ friendly in general.”

Lynn moved back to the Petoskey, Michigan, area after attending U of M on a scholarship. The Odawa community—which legalized gay marriage in 2013—has been receptive to both Lynn and the QueerKwe project. An article in a

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Fresh Faces, Indigenous Voices Reenergize Australian Fashion Week

SYDNEY — Kicking off with a 60,000-year-old smoking ceremony and catapulting a flurry of new names, a number of them Indigenous, the newly minted Afterpay Australian Fashion Week returned to Sydney this month after a two-year hiatus with a new, inclusive spirit and a packed live runway schedule.

On the opening day, there was a palpable sense of relief among attendees to be back networking with their peers after 18 months of Zoom chats and off-again-on-again lockdowns. The industry mood was also buoyed by the results of an Ernst & Young report that were released that morning by the Australian

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Ferrari Is Racing Into Fashion

Last weekend, 100 of the Italian style world’s journalists and tastemakers were chauffeured in black vans to the Ferrari headquarters, a soaring glass factory designed by Jean Nouvel in the small Italian town of Maranello. They sat surgically masked on socially distanced cubes besides what is, on a normal day, an assembly line for sports cars but which on this day had been transformed into a runway.

Surrounded by unfinished cars on the plant’s cherry red conveyor belt, they watched as models paraded by in vintage roadster-printed shirts and organza nylon jackets gleaming like freshly waxed vehicles. Logo-laden seatbelts

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Woman dies from blood clot after Covid jab

The Therapeutic Goods Administration says the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine far outweigh the risks after a NSW woman died from a blood clot in the brain.

The TGA says the 52-year-old who died was among four new clotting cases linked to the vaccine.

The other three involved a 77-year-old man from NSW, a 70-year-old man from South Australia, and an 87-year-old South Australian woman.

There are also four other cases with a “probable” link to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the TGA said. They are a woman, 50, and two men, aged 83 and 91, all from NSW, and a woman,

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Celebrity merchandise enters new era as stars sell off their clothes | Fashion

Celebrity merchandise has entered a new era of personalisation with pop and reality TV stars selling the shirts off their backs, in a move to adapt to Gen Z consumers who are buying their clothes second hand online.

Singer Olivia Rodrigo who is currently top of the singles and album charts announced the SOURshop, a microsite on resale site Depop. The store features many now sold out clothes that Rodrigo wore in her music videos for her singles Driver’s Licence, Good 4 U and Deja Vu, including silk scarves, creeper platform boots and romper suits. When Etsy bought the

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Visionary New Designer Paolo Carzana Conjures a Magical World During London Fashion Week

After a year of lockdown, a youthful, astonishing wave of creative resilience is flowing back to meet the world. Today’s revelation was the 18 tender, visionary looks Paolo Carzana hand made, completely alone, in his studio in Cardiff, Wales, along with a film and a show he shot on his phone. “It’s really me creating what I don’t see,” he said. “Characters I imagine walking around protecting me.”

Carzana’s realm—Another World, he calls it—is a conjuring of spiritual healing, romantic, analog fantasy and a rootedness in craft, nature, and the hinterland of Welsh fairy mythologies: “I wanted to do things

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Genesis. A new designer label you should work for

Why new car brand Genesis are recruiting in luxury retail

Genesis is a new car brand created to offer customers a whole new way to own and drive a luxury car. The cars themselves are created by top Belgian designer, Luc Donckerwolke and exude elegance and style. See for yourself at www.genesis.com

The Genesis range are premium luxury cars manufactured to exacting standards. As you would expect they come loaded with the latest technology and innovative features. However, one of our most innovative features is our unprecedented levels of service. The concept is to handle every aspect of car ownership,

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