June 12, 2021


Gwyneth Paltrow Posed Topless for Goop’s New Jewelry Collection

Gwyneth Paltrow’s G. Label jewelry collection has arrived, and it’s delightfully Goop-y (by which I mean there is not a single item I could afford without reallocating retirement funds).

Paltrow gravitates toward a classic piece. “I don’t differentiate between day and night,” she wrote on the site, noting that if she finds an item she loves, she’ll “sleep in it, wear it on the red carpet, and pick up Moses from school in it.”

The Goop founder shared a series of personal anecdotes alongside images of the collection, revealing that she and her 17-year-old daughter Apple get a new piercing

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The hot new Aussie designers to know from Australian Fashion Week

This year’s Australian Fashion Week is a celebration of togetherness and creativity with more than 36 live runway shows, virtual showrooms and a lineup of 70 designers, each showcasing their take on Australian fashion. From ethereal dresses and minimalist tailoring to the new era of beachwear and unisex clothing, Australia is proving once again that nowhere does resortwear quite like them. Below, we round up the most buzzing Australian designers to know from Australian Fashion Week as the event continues.



Oroton, Australia’s oldest luxury brand dating back to 1938, has been given a refresh thanks to Creative Director

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Why Are Black Designers Not Held To Same Standard As Mainstream Designers?

Why Are Black Designers Not Held To Same Standard As Mainstream Designers?
Instagram/Brandon Blackwood NYC

In the past year, Black-owned businesses have been granted the opportunity to share the spotlight with other mainstream corporations—rightfully given the praise they deserve. The circumstances of what it took to inject Black businesses into the market are unfortunate, but there have been a number of seasoned and new business owners that have benefited from the growing support. During this last year, our community united to uplift, encourage, and catapult our Black-owned businesses and designers to the forefront—demanding visibility, equity, and equality for their services and talents. Our voice was so strong it moved others, specifically non-BIPOC,

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Health Care Workers Deserve Fashion, Too

One of the more unexpected side effects of the pandemic was to forever alter our relationships with personal protective equipment; to make medical garments, at least in the mask sense, a new accessory of self-expression and a part of almost every wardrobe. And every designer’s arsenal.

Now that relationship is entering a new phase. Josie Natori, a designer known for her loungewear and lingerie, is joining forces with Care+Wear, the “healthwear” company known for its fashion approach to PICC line covers and clothing with port access, to introduce a line of scrubs modeled on her best-selling pajamas.

Ms. Natori is

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The ugly truth about men who get beauty treatments

Hmmm, what’s that big, hairy thing blocking your view of the bathroom mirror? Wait, could it be … your husband? Yep. Most probably. Thanks to the pandemic, men are getting love bites on their mirrors. The latest research reveals that the male of the species is currently spending more time in the bathroom beautifying himself than his female partner. Why? Well, a year of Zoom meetings and video conferencing has blokes focusing on their flaws.

Gone are the days when a male’s grooming technique required nothing more than “a shower, a shit and a shave”. A woman is now more

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3x Cancer Survivor & Fashion Designer wins International Award for a Good Cause | Texas News

DALLAS, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fashion Designer and 3-Time Cancer Survivor Jimmy Stephens of The MyCause Brand, win coveted award.

The 100th Annual ADC Fashion Awards Shortlist was announced back on April 16th, 2021. As a new brand, with a new category of product, that being Awareness Shoes, it would come as no surprise to International award-winning Fashion Designer Jimmy Stephens, the Designer & Founder behind the MyCause Brand, if he and the brand were not on the Shortlist, after all, it takes years to become known in the fashion world, especially for a new brand, and

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Wempe Pave the Way for a New Type of Luxury Landscape

The landscape of luxury is ever-changing, and it doesn’t necessarily just mean fancy, expensive products anymore. Going from exclusivity to inclusivity, we have seen a shift in the paradigm of what ‘luxury’ actually means.

In Highsnobiety’s New Luxury white paper, we explain how “once strictly tethered to price, craftsmanship, and traditional notions of status and wealth, luxury today is more complicated and dynamic than the acquisition of rare and expensive items that are shorthand status symbols. Once a form of de facto elitism, luxury today is more democratic. While it still comes at a cost, that cost is now more

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Australian Fashion Week: ‘Where is the size diversity?’

I am the first to congratulate Afterpay Australian Fashion Week for dramatically improving the ethnic diversity this year. I’ve loved seeing models like Nylow Ajing and Nabila Leunig representing on the runway.

I loved that there was an all-indigenous parade. That was impressive and so needed during Reconciliation Week.

But I feel they’ve gone backwards in size diversity. I’m a size 16-18 and designers obviously don’t consider my size fashionable.

RELATED: ‘I feel silenced by the body positive movement’

It’s like there’s only so much diversity they can handle at once. It’s frustrating, because as the under-represented know, “You can’t

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Become a Designer and Make Your Brand Stand Out With This Adobe Training

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