March 3, 2021


5 Africa-born designers open digital Milan Fashion Week

MILAN (AP) — Five designers of African origin making their runway debuts opened Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday under the banner “We are Made in Italy,” having nurtured dreams deemed fanciful in their native countries and which faced considerable obstacles coming to fruition in their adopted Italy.

Joy Meribe, who is originally from Nigeria, started out working in Italy as a cultural mediator. Fabiola Manirakiza came to Italy as a child from Burundi and first trained as a doctor.

Morocco-born Karim Daoudi grew up in a shoe-making town in northern Italy and eventually took up the local craft. Pape Macodou

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The Biggest Fashion Trends Of Spring 2021

What does fashion in 2021 look like? For all the changes we’ve seen over the past year, the trend machine continues to churn along, with styles from the near past (think early-2000s Paris Hilton) to the far past (think Marie Antoinette) alike popping back into style.

There seem to be two fashion schools of thought when it comes to predicting this year’s popular pieces: those who are embracing the comfort and casual nature of dressing during coronavirus, and those who are ready to break free from 2020’s loungewear and embrace a maximalist attitude to dressing once again.

No matter where

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Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the media mistreatment of young female stars in the early 2000s

Less than a week after Lohan’s birthday, Rolling Stone contributing editor Mark Binelli met the “Mean Girls” star to profile her for the cover of the magazine’s “Hot List” issue. His article begins with Lohan’s assurance that her breasts are real; he writes that he discerned as much through “reporting” that consisted of “discreet visual fact checking” and “a goodbye hug.” In the life of any girl who begins her career under Mickey Mouse ears, he writes, there comes a point at which she is as appealing to adults as she is to children, and that for Lohan — “or,

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Milan Designers Hit Reset Button During Digital Fashion Week | Business News

By COLLEEN BARRY, AP Fashion Writer

MILAN (AP) — Fashion is off the hamster wheel, taking a deep breath that is allowing some freshness to seep into the once relentless cycle.

“It is so weird thinking about fashion, and the kind of hamster wheel of fashion, and how we never had a break and always complained about it,’’ Marc Jacobs said during a Milan Fashion Week video chat with Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons post-digital show. “And then you get a break, and you complain.”

Instead, he said, he was taking the moment to watch others, and be inspired.


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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Fave Jewelry Is on Sale

Real talk: I secretly want to be a member of the Royal Family. Pesky paps aside, wouldn’t it be great to live in a palace and have a global platform to make the world a better place? (And, in my dreams, I’d be besties with QEII.) But, since my regal dreams are pretty much D.O.A., copying in the style of my favorite royals is the next best thing.

Which is why I have some great news for myself and anyone else who wants to be a princess: Right now, royal-approved jewelry brand Missoma is taking 20 percent off its entire

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Student-organized Fashion Week boasts can’t-miss lineup of preeminent fashion industry leaders

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Gwyneth Paltrow. Sarah Jessica Parker. Steve Madden. Kenneth Cole. Stella McCartney. Even the least fashion-inclined would be hard-pressed to skip over those luminaries, who make up just a fraction of the speakers slated to present at the student-run [email protected]’s Fashion Week 2021.

This year’s event, which will be held virtually over the span of nearly three weeks, will look quite different from years past, but [email protected] president and Class of 2021 student Sasha Pinto says the mission will remain the same: to host a robust lineup of professionals to present, chat, encourage

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Has Brexit Changed London Fashion Week Forever?

After three-and-a-half years, two snap elections, and endless failed trade agreements, on December 31st, the United Kingdom finally made its official withdrawal from the European Union with a deal in place. It would be easy, then, to imagine that the journey had reached, if not its end, then at least a new chapter with a more clearly defined path forward. But the final hour agreement—more of a last-minute averting of total economic self-destruction—has left small businesses up and down the country scrambling to answer the question: What comes next?

The first post-Brexit London Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, with

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Weddings encourage equality, break stereotypes: Female priest, no kanyadan

With an indifferent attitude to questions such as ‘Can a male priest accompany you?’ and ‘Are you an assistant?’, the female priests or priestesses across the country are challenging the age-old patriarchal norms. It’s been a while since couples, especially brides, have been preferring female priests to officiate their weddings. And recently when actor Dia Mirza shared a photo of female priest, Sheeta Atta, solemnising her wedding, it brought back the back on gender equality, and reignited the debate on the need to discourage customs such as kanyadan and dowry, which have been synonymous with Indian weddings since forever! But,

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Parsons School of Design, WWD, and Yellowbrick Partner to Launch Online Fashion Business Program

NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The School of Fashion at The New School’s Parsons School of Design, in collaboration WWD, the leading source of news and analysis for the fashion, beauty, and retail industries, and the New York-based education platform Yellowbrick, today announced Fashion Business Essentials, a program that offers a deep exploration into the innovation and changes happening across the Fashion business; including effective uses of information technology, strategic business planning, decision-making, planning management, brand development, and effective communications within organizations.

Learners who complete the program will earn a non-credit Completion Certificate from

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