June 17, 2021


When My Friends Ask Where to Get Cool Fine Jewelry, These Are the Brands I List

On Aimee Song: Kinn jewelry

Whenever my friends ask me for shopping advice, I always make a point to provide them with suggestions that aren’t completely obvious. For example, if they ask me where to buy great workout clothes, I’m not going to tell them Lululemon because everyone already knows that. The same goes for jewelry. I get a lot of questions about fine jewelry, in particular, since it’s an investment and you’re likely to want to choose carefully. I completely get that, and I always make a point to answer carefully as well.

Some of my favorite fine

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This Indigenous Artist Makes Jewelry Inspired by LGBTQ+ Pride

Spreading the word about the importance of representation for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Indigenous people is paramount for Lynn. “I use QueerKwe Designs to do advocacy work,” they said. “I’ve given lectures on Two Spirit identity at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. I’ve hosted beading workshops. And I’ve helped train organizations here to be more LGBTQ friendly in general.”

Lynn moved back to the Petoskey, Michigan, area after attending U of M on a scholarship. The Odawa community—which legalized gay marriage in 2013—has been receptive to both Lynn and the QueerKwe project. An article in a

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23 fine jewelry that’s worth the splurge


There are certain items that have an intrinsically low cost per wear — like, say, your favorite pair of workout sneakers, or the tote bag you never leave home without. But jewelry isn’t too far down the list: Save for a few special occasions, most people wear the same necklaces, bracelets or earrings day in and day out, making it easier to stomach a high price tag.

“I tend to splurge on items I know I’ll get my money’s worth for,” says Alyssa Coscarelli, a brand consultant and fashion influencer. “And sometimes, if I can easily picture

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Gwyneth Paltrow Posed Topless for Goop’s New Jewelry Collection

Gwyneth Paltrow’s G. Label jewelry collection has arrived, and it’s delightfully Goop-y (by which I mean there is not a single item I could afford without reallocating retirement funds).

Paltrow gravitates toward a classic piece. “I don’t differentiate between day and night,” she wrote on the site, noting that if she finds an item she loves, she’ll “sleep in it, wear it on the red carpet, and pick up Moses from school in it.”

The Goop founder shared a series of personal anecdotes alongside images of the collection, revealing that she and her 17-year-old daughter Apple get a new piercing

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Wempe Pave the Way for a New Type of Luxury Landscape

The landscape of luxury is ever-changing, and it doesn’t necessarily just mean fancy, expensive products anymore. Going from exclusivity to inclusivity, we have seen a shift in the paradigm of what ‘luxury’ actually means.

In Highsnobiety’s New Luxury white paper, we explain how “once strictly tethered to price, craftsmanship, and traditional notions of status and wealth, luxury today is more complicated and dynamic than the acquisition of rare and expensive items that are shorthand status symbols. Once a form of de facto elitism, luxury today is more democratic. While it still comes at a cost, that cost is now more

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Where to Shop Olivia Rodrigo’s Jewelry

It’s never been easier to channel Olivia Rodrigo’s style. The “good 4 u” singer recently started selling some of her personal and music video clothes on Depop, and the internet has been hard at work finding the exact ‘fits and accessories she wears in her selfies. Because, let’s face it; Olivia knows her way around a good ensemble, whether she’s donning a dress covered in cats or slaying the SNL stage in a pair of classic brogues.

The singer-songwriter and HSMTMTS star is often spotted wearing an assortment of silver rings, like the cute ones she was rocking while

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The 29 Best Men’s Jewelry Brands to Know and Gift

Much to our delight, the best men’s jewelry has been evolving. Husbands, boyfriends, friends, fathers, sons have so much more to pick from than a chain necklace or a leather wrap bracelet—and even those have gotten better if that’s still your fancy. Think stones, color, mixed materials, and sometimes a bit of sparkle for the more daring of the lot.

The men’s jewelry renaissance has gained steam of late thanks to the sartorial pursuits of style icons like Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, and Daniel Kaluuya. These heavy hitters have helped push the modernization of men’s jewelry and the embracing of

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Four arrested in $100,000 Sam’s Club jewelry heist in Phoenix

Phoenix police arrested four men on burglary charges in connection to a jewelry store heist that occurred at a Sam’s Club on McDowell Road on May 20, according to court documents.

The four suspects include Jamone Williams, 25; Derrick Welch, 27; Darius Sutton, 18 and one juvenile, who was booked into the Durango Juvenile Detention Center, according to department spokesperson Sgt. Mercedes Fortune.

The three adult suspects have been charged with at least one count of burglary, while Williams has an additional count of criminal tampering.

Police responded to the initial 911 call of a burglary in progress at the

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Keep Your Jewelry Clean and Sanitized with This Simple Tool

The kathy ireland GemSpa ensures your jewelry always looks its finest.

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