March 18, 2021

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Here’s what women need to know about intermittent fasting

Unlike other diets, which demand that we ditch carbs and/or fats, intermittent fasting is different. The good part about it is that you can eat everything in a stipulated period of time. But, you also need to understand that most diet fads work differently for men and women.

So, what does it mean for a woman to follow intermittent fasting? Diabetes educator Rashi Chowdhary explains in an Instagram post that fasting for women “is tricky” because pressuring yourself “into doing it every single day can wreak havoc on your hormones and mess your relationship with food and yourself”.

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Black Girl Finance: Why it’s more important than ever for black women to take charge of their money

AT A time when the gender pay gap reporting rules are set to be relaxed for the second year in a row, even though it has only been mandatory for the past four years, the calls for the mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting appears to be continuously falling on deaf ears.

If you are a black woman in Britain, you need to ensure you are taking charge of your money. Here’s why. Talking about money is not a tradition I grew up with in my black Caribbean household – I was expected, like most to get a job and instructed

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Sarah Everard missing: Why a curfew for men isn’t a bad idea


As the days grew shorter in locked-down London this winter, it dawned on me that I could no longer take my daily after-work walk in the park.

I understood this as I took a solo trip outside in the gathering darkness and saw a man sitting silently on a bench I was about to pass. There was no one else in sight.

Every woman will recognise the feeling I had as I picked up my pace, heart clenching, hoping fiercely that nothing would happen. While this man — and most others — wasn’t a threat, being out alone after

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How parents can promote gender equity despite covid’s toll

Then came the pandemic. With schools moved online and child-care programs closing, women all over the country began exiting the workforce at alarming rates. My neighborhood was no exception. As school sputtered back to a start, several local moms confided that they, like me, had cut back on work to help with remote learning. For most, their male partners either maintained their usual workloads or scrambled to take on more paid work to pick up the slack. Each of us had made different calculations in determining that we, rather than our partners, should scale back our paid work to

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Lisa Byington will be first woman on play-by-play

Broadcaster Lisa Byington will likely reach another first for women in sports when she takes her seat at the men’s NCAA tournament next week.

Byington is believed to be the first woman to do play-by-play in men’s tournament history, according to sports media reporters. Byington will call games through the round of 32 for CBS and TNT, the companies announced Thursday.

The tournament begins in one week with the NCAA First Four.

Byington makes another first in broadcasting

Byington will be on a team with analyst Steve Smith as one of 10 pairings. All games will be at one site

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International Women’s Day 2021: 101 best women-owned brands

Despite the frequent interchangeability of phrases like “women-owned” and “female-founded,” the two terms aren’t always related — a female-founded brand might not be owned by a woman anymore and a presently-women-owned business might not have been founded by a woman. During social-minded instances like International Women’s Day, understanding what each label denotes could mean the difference between supporting a brand that’s actually run by women, or one that happens to have women working within it, for example Proactiv was founded by two female dermatologists is now owned by Nestlé.

SKIP AHEAD Women-owned products | Women-owned brands

47 percent of

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Piers Morgan’s comments about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, highlight the danger of the rejected man

Piers Morgan’s toxic treatment of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is chillingly familiar for many women. We may not all be royalty with a public figure repeatedly vilifying us in front of millions, but we know the dynamic: to reject a man can be just about one of the most dangerous things a woman can do.

Morgan’s attitude towards Meghan was not always negative. A look back through the British TV presenter’s Twitter history surfaces many complimentary tweets about and to her, from when she still had an active account. According to Morgan, their friendship began in 2015, when she messaged

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Will the real chivalrous man please sit down

As woman’s day dawns upon us, two arguments immediately break out: what about men’s day, and look at how all the feminists killed chivalry.

On the surface, both these arguments seem to deserve some attention. Upon closer inspection, neither have any merit. Firstly, men’s day is on November 19. It is the same day as World Toilet Day. Do with that what you will.

The more important discussion is the one revolving around chivalry. A simplistic observation is that chivalry was the military and over time, romantic codes of practice upheld by knights and European soldiers.

Today, the focus is

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Yomi Adegoke: “Society Must Leave Women Who Dare To Pick Pickiness Alone”

I like to consider myself a pretty laid-back, low-maintenance person. In fact, there are only two things in life I would admit to being fussy about: food and men. But as it so happens, these are the two areas in which most people deplore pickiness. 

A big fuss was made over fussiness recently, after a video went viral on Valentine’s Day, courtesy of comedian and entrepreneur B Simone. In it, she gave some unsolicited dating advice to women of today, claiming that the issue with the millennial dating scene was not ghosting or situationships or Hinge hiding all the semi-decent

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