February 16, 2021

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Leadership in U.S.: Increase in representation, still lacks diversity | Lifestyle

Although the United States has progressed throughout the years, there is still a long way to go in terms of equal representation.

One must be wary of what is called the “progress narrative,” which is the thought that as time goes on, things get better.

This is not always the case, even though it can appear that way when thinking about the different things people have accomplished over the years.

Electricity has been developed and nearly every American now owns an iPhone. However, as has been made obvious due to recent events, the world – and America – is far

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LIVE HEALTHY HARTSVILLE: A woman’s heart | Lifestyles

When we look at all the things that you do have control over, it should be noted that how you eat plays a major role in how well you can control several of these factors. The first thing I recommend to help your heart out is eat more vegetables.

If you focus on the foods that you can benefit from and work on adding them into your daily eating plan, you will start to weed out those items that you do not need as much of anyway. So, start with vegetables, especially the non-starchy kind, like greens, peppers, squash, tomatoes

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Woman catches ‘creep’ filming her during Jetstar flight in Australia


The woman confronted the man and told him to delete the video from his phone. Photo / Supplied

A woman has shared the moment she caught a fellow passenger on a plane filming her from across the aisle.

The Melbourne-based woman shared a video to TikTok showing her confronting the man and telling him that he had “one chance to delete it” otherwise she would be going to police after the plane landed.

The woman, named Anueta, noticed the man filming her for 10 minutes from across the aisle. When

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Halle Berry slams child support ‘extortion’ | Entertainment

Halle Berry has branded her child support payments “extortion” in an apparent swipe at Gabriel Aubry.

The 54-year-old actress was ordered to pay the 44-year-old model $16,000 a month in 2014 to help with their daughter Nahla, now 12, and she has suggested she doesn’t think the payments are “reasonable” and called for both parents to take financial responsibility for their children.

Earlier in the week, Halle had shared a meme on Instagram which read “women don’t owe you s***”, attracting a lot of comments from her followers.

And in response, the ‘Cloud Atlass’ actress – who didn’t mention Gabriel

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Capitol insurrectionists called Nancy Pelosi’s name in a sing-song way that should make women’s skin crawl

If you cannot stomach reading an entire column about three syllables, you should stop here.

Oh, Naaaaaaancy is a very specific scene from a horror movie. Oh, Nancy is what the protagonist hears when she is hiding in a parking garage, or in a stairwell, or crouched under her desk, or pressed flat on the ground in a damp cornfield. Her terror is played out for entertainment, whether that means a narrow escape or a bloody death.

Oh, Naaaaaaancy is said in a singsongy voice. It is the same voice that a child would use to say, Come out, come

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Last Call with Maura Tansley and Elizabeth Halloran, partners at Worcester’s premiere women-owned law firm

The law firm of Tansley | Halloran recently opened its doors at 11 Pleasant St. in Worcester. We sat down with Maura Tansley and Elizbeth Halloran to find out what it means to be compassionate local attorneys in 2021.

What sort of law do you practice and how long have you been in Worcester?

EH: I grew up here in Worcester. I moved back to Worcester when I was hired in the District Attorney’s office in 2012 right after I graduated law school. My practice is primarily criminal defense as well as family and probate litigation.

MT: I grew up

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Drug deal earns man two charges for one crime

West Palm Beach Police

Drug possession/sale: Standing at the corner of Spruce Avenue and 17th Street, two men were having a discussion. As their talks continued one man pulled some money out of his pocket while the other removed a small white container from one of his pants pockets. As their transaction was being finalized, one of the men looked up and realized they were being watched by three police officers. Though the men immediately began walking north as if nothing had happened, they were quickly detained by police. The man’s container contained multiple pieces of crack cocaine and that

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Dating horror stories: Rebuilding trust after divorce

“I’m not feeling a spark, but I like you. Let me know if you want to be friends.”

These are the words I found myself saying to Ike, the sexy art curator with the hot accent and keen intellect. He was the type of guy you brag to your girls about, which I had done profusely as soon as we matched on Bumble. But here we were on our third date, and he hadn’t made a move. I was a single mom four months out of an unhappy marriage and looking for instant gratification. Part of me was disappointed things

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How Heart Disease Differs for Women

This is just one of several recent findings — with more included below — that shed light on sex-related differences in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

Younger women are at greater risk of death

Women have fewer heart attacks than men, but they tend to fare worse during them. To find out why, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, examined hospital data on nearly 7 million heart attack patients. In a study published in January in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, they showed that women who are hospitalized with a heart attack are less likely than men to

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