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Drug deal earns man two charges for one crime

West Palm Beach Police

Drug possession/sale: Standing at the corner of Spruce Avenue and 17th Street, two men were having a discussion. As their talks continued one man pulled some money out of his pocket while the other removed a small white container from one of his pants pockets. As their transaction was being finalized, one of the men looked up and realized they were being watched by three police officers. Though the men immediately began walking north as if nothing had happened, they were quickly detained by police. The man’s container contained multiple pieces of crack cocaine and that man, the dealer, had nearly $4,000 in cash on his person. He was arrested for selling drugs. In addition, he managed to do it right in front of a church thereby earning himself a bonus charge of selling within 1,000 feet of a house of worship. An amazing two-for-one of self destruction. He was taken to jail.