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Fashion Designer Patricia Bonaldi Announces Foray Into Jewelry

Patricia Bonaldi, the Brazilian designer of her eponymous label PatBO has launched her first-ever jewelry collection in collaboration with Ranjana Khan.

“We met by accident!” Bonaldi shared with Forbes from São Paulo, where she’s opening a new store in the coming days. “We were both on vacation in Careyes, Mexico over a year ago, started dancing, and that’s how it all began.” Bonaldi later discovered more of Khan’s pieces while shopping in Cartagena, Colombia and fell in love with a feathered earring. This serendipitous moment prompted the phone call that led to the collection we see today.

PatBO is known for its tropical, bohemian aesthetic with bold prints and feminine details, worn by vacationing glitterati around the world. Always drawing inspiration from Patricia Bonaldi’s motherland of Brazil, and produced right in her hometown of Uberlândia, accessories feel like such an authentic extension of her current line. And for those who have been fans of the brand since inception, it’s an exciting “about time” moment.

In this first jewelry capsule, each style draws design codes from Bonaldi’s original prints with a mélange of unexpected and eclectic materials. Designer Ranjana Khan who hails from Mumbai, India, shares a similar passion for travel and sources much of her inspiration from her globetrotting adventures. Lava rock, silk petals, Swarovski crystals, baroque pearls and seashells, are intricately placed throughout the collection, all hand-sourced by Khan during her travels across Indonesia, Colombia and Italy. The exceptional creation is a white headpiece made with over a dozen ostrich feathers, glass beads and crystals, imagined as both a fashion statement or for a bride.

Aside from similar passions and design aesthetics, what really drew Patricia Bonaldi to Ranjana Khan, above all, is their shared values in craftsmanship and the support of artisans in their native countries. Nearly a decade ago, Bonaldi was thinking of ways to improve her production and decided to open her own school, allowing the designer to educate, train and completely produce her collections in her hometown of Uberlândia. More than 400 artisans have learned how to embroider, sew and paint through Bonaldi’s school, and are the hands behind PatBO’s haute couture craftsmanship.

Available today, the jewelry range retails between $330 and $795, and for sales made through the brand’s e-commerce page, will be donating a percentage of profit to Child Rights and You, which supports underprivileged children in India.

Discussions for future jewelry collections are already underway, and as for Patricia Bonaldi’s next adventure, the jet-setting designer has her sights on Peru.