February 17, 2021

For Fashionable Fans: 15 Pieces of ‘Bridgerton’-Approved Jewelry

Bingeing Bridgerton may be the one thing from 2020 we can welcome into this year. Shonda Rhimes’ Regency-era Netflix drama series debuted on December 25, 2020, but the obsession is still very real. It could be your first time watching Duchess Daphne played by actress Phoebe Dynevor fall for the Duke of Hastings AKA actor Regé-Jean Page or third going on fourth time through the first season. That’s how addictive the record-breaking series that reached 63 million households in one week is and likely will continue to be until the highly anticipated second season is released. 

The frenzied fandom isn’t just because the Shondaland production is expectedly sexual though. The characters’ fashion and costume design, courtesy of Ellen Mirojnick, is actually a huge part of why audiences can’t keep away from the show. Mirojnick spoke to L’OFFICIEL when the Netflix series first released about the 7,500 looks she and her team were tasked with orchestrating, including an entire department dedicated to jewelry. Impressive though it may be, this level of dedication to bejeweled accessorization really should come as no surprise when you recall the many diamond studded tiaras, ruby rings, and dainty gold plated chokers which made appearances in practically every screen grab.