February 10, 2021

Last Call with Maura Tansley and Elizabeth Halloran, partners at Worcester’s premiere women-owned law firm

The law firm of Tansley | Halloran recently opened its doors at 11 Pleasant St. in Worcester. We sat down with Maura Tansley and Elizbeth Halloran to find out what it means to be compassionate local attorneys in 2021.

What sort of law do you practice and how long have you been in Worcester?

EH: I grew up here in Worcester. I moved back to Worcester when I was hired in the District Attorney’s office in 2012 right after I graduated law school. My practice is primarily criminal defense as well as family and probate litigation.

MT: I grew up in Connecticut. I went to school in Boston at Simmons College. I worked at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum after graduation and then decided to go to law school. I ended up doing a criminal clinic there and then applying to the Public Defender’s office in Massachusetts, which sent me to Worcester. I was sent to the Worcester office in 2012, and I thought I would stay for a year or two. I’ve been here ever since. I do primarily criminal defense, both appointed cases and private cases.

What inspired the two of you to start your own firm?

EH: We were both at the same firm. We started practicing on the exact same day. I was on one side and Maura was on the other. She left the CPCFS (Committee for Public Counsel Services) office and I left the DA’s office at the same time. I worked for a firm that she connected me with. I think we began to realize the impact that we as women can have in the field. We also wanted to be a part of the Worcester community and go out on our own. That became clear over the last couple of years.