July 27, 2021

Signet CEO cautious on jewelry sales as Covid vaccines, travel pick up

Jewelry sales could see a slowdown later this year as a broader range of economic activity resumes from a pandemic-induced slump, Signet CEO Gina Drosos told CNBC on Thursday.

“We’re very cautious on the back half of the year as the vaccine rolls out and more people are more interested in traveling and entertainment again. We think that could potentially have a negative impact on categories like jewelry,” Drosos said on “Closing Bell.”

The chief executive’s comments came after earlier Thursday the owner of Kay Jewelers and Zales reported better-than-expected sales and per-share earnings for the quarter ending Jan. 30.

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Candace Parker to be first woman on cover of NBA 2K game

NEW YORK (AP) — Candace Parker grew up playing video games, and now she’ll be the first female basketball player on the cover of one.

The Chicago Sky star will appear on the NBA 2K22 cover for the WNBA 25th Anniversary special edition when it’s released Sept. 10.

“I grew up a video game fanatic, that’s what I did, to the point where my brothers would give me the fake controller when I was younger where I think I was playing and I wasn’t,” Parker said. “All I wanted to do was just be like them. As a kid growing

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Phoebe Philo Is Returning to Fashion With Her Own Brand

Listen? Do you hear that? It is the intake of breath after thousands of women’s fashion prayers are finally answered. Phoebe Philo, the patron saint of dressing for the female gaze, the designer whose work convinced Joan Didion to pose for an ad and turned her customers into groupies, is returning to business. On her own terms.

Three and a half years after leaving her last post as artistic director of Celine, Ms. Philo, 48, is finally putting her name where her aesthetic is, and introducing (yes) Phoebe Philo, an independent clothing and accessories line. Though it will be partially

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Tessa Packard recycled plastic jewellery: vintage Americana

Tessa Packard’s recycled plastic jewellery celebrates vintage Americana

The Plastic Fantastic collection sets precious gems in recycled lucite and resin

Recycled plastic may not be the first material that springs to mind when it comes to fine jewellery, but when set with a rainbow of precious gems, it makes for pieces both precious and sustainable.

Jeweller Tessa Packard’s new collection, Plastic Fantastic, celebrates unexpected combinations and joyful design ticks in a range of rings, necklaces and cuffs. ‘I like playing around with how certain materials sit together – in this case gold and gemstones and plastic,’ she says. ‘The last

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The truth about fast fashion: can you tell how ethical your clothing is by its price? | Fashion

What is the true cost of a Zara hoodie? In April 2019, David Hachfeld of the Swiss NGO Public Eye, along with a team of researchers and the Clean Clothes Campaign, attempted to find out. They chose to analyse a black, oversized top from Zara’s flagship Join Life sustainability line, which was printed with lyrics made famous by Aretha Franklin: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T: find out what it means to me”. It was an apt choice, because the idea was to work out whether any respect had been paid to the workers involved in the garment’s production, and how much of

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Will the real chivalrous man please sit down

As woman’s day dawns upon us, two arguments immediately break out: what about men’s day, and look at how all the feminists killed chivalry.

On the surface, both these arguments seem to deserve some attention. Upon closer inspection, neither have any merit. Firstly, men’s day is on November 19. It is the same day as World Toilet Day. Do with that what you will.

The more important discussion is the one revolving around chivalry. A simplistic observation is that chivalry was the military and over time, romantic codes of practice upheld by knights and European soldiers.

Today, the focus is

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25 Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Never Regret Buying

A good accessory has the power to elevate and amp up even the most basic of outfits. And while we appreciate a statement earring or a bold collar necklace as much as the next girl, it’s the timeless and classic pieces like a minimalist cuff, the perfect size hoops, or a delicate charm pendant that we tend to rely on in our day-to-day. After all, they go with literally everything in our wardrobes and add instant polish.

So today, we wanted to share an array of forever jewelry that you’ll never regret buying. From investment pieces such as a

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Introducing Bistro Vibes, the Throwback Lifestyle for the Happily Washed

Once you notice it, you start seeing it everywhere. It’s the 1989 BMW 325i buzzing down your street with the top down, piloted by a guy wearing a vintage Armani suit like Richard Gere would have worn in 1991 and blasting a Thundercat song that sounds like it’s from 1986. It’s the billboard promoting John Mayer’s new album with the instruction to “Make every drive a road trip.” (It’s the fact that Mayer’s new album will be released on CD, too.) It’s the return of seltzer with some lime—not purely for sobriety, but not not, either. It’s the rise of

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Carolina K Talks Sustainability and Ethical Fashion

Carolina Kleinman founded her lifestyle brand, Carolina K, after traveling around the world and settling in the small town of Tepoztlán, Mexico. Although the Argentinian-born designer now resides in Miami, she still works closely with artisans in remote areas of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and India to achieve her eclectic and distinctive embroidered designs, rooted in tradition and culture. The artisans she works with uphold traditions like ancestral hand-crochet and looming practices, which eschew the use of electricity and dangerous chemicals. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to the brand and in an

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