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Small Talk: Fashion is at my fingertips

I’ve been feeling rather hip this week. I painted my toenails gray-blue.

As usual, I am grabbing the coattails of this particular fashion trend, but I’m still pretty pleased with myself. It took me this long to not wince when I saw finger- and toenails in colors other than the traditional reds and pinks, but here I am, with gray-blue toes. 

I blame my father, whose voice I could hear even as I applied this off-color color.

“It looks like you’ve been dead for a week,” he would have joked.

It’s tough to shake off those things parents leave you with. Hence, I am no trendsetter.

I’m just a little sorry I don’t paint my fingernails anymore. It was always fun picking out new colors, but ever since motherhood arrived, I beat up my fingernails way too much to sustain a decent manicure.

I only worked up the enthusiasm for some of those wicked fake nails to look presentable for my son’s formal Philadelphia wedding. My daughter’s SoCal backyard nuptials required no such fuss.

I do, however, insist on painting my toenails once sandal season rolls in. My go-to summer color is fire-engine red, which just screams summertime to me.

But I am easing into naked toe season with this kind-of gray, kind-of-pastel-blue, kind-of-pale-green color I spotted last week. It made me smile.

And yes, I usually do my own pedicure, because I am too lazy to schedule such things. I wait until the mood strikes me, and besides, it makes me feel a bit like a teenager again.

I’m not sure I will live long enough to be a fan of the multi-color hair that’s hot these days. It looks cute on the kids, because everything looks cute on kids, but it hasn’t won my heart.

I do understand the reasons behind it, though. Every woman alive knows what getting bored with your hair is like.

In my next life, I’m shooting for a thick head of hair I can braid every which way. I love the intricate braiding styles I see now, but I have never had enough hair on my head to create a respectable braid. Moreover, I come from a long line of microcephalics…that is, people with tiny heads. When my hair is clinging to my scalp, I am not a candidate for a swimsuit edition. I believe the appropriate expression is “drowned rat.”

But my toes are cool.

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer creeping up on the latest fashions. Contact her at [email protected].