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South Korean Woman Says Malaysian Men More Appealing Than Those From Her Country | Lifestyle

We all know that many Malaysian women are infatuated with South Korean men, thanks to Korean dramas and K-Pop culture.

The Oppa craze.

Could you imagine if the tables were turned? 

Imagine South Korean women fancying Malaysian men instead.

Sounds impossible?

Not for one South Korean woman.

Minyeong Choi told Utusan Malaysia that Malaysian men are more appealing than South Korean men, especially when it comes to family-related responsibilities.

The 26-year-old claimed that Malaysian men were more likely to prioritise their families while South Korean men would rather spend their time having fun outside.

“Some of them get home so late that they miss having dinner with their families, and some of them don’t like to help around the house,” she told the daily.

More family-orientated.

Minyeong added that Malaysian men also have more authority when making decisions for the household, have more humility and treat women better.

Not stopping there, Minyeong, who has lived in Malaysia for two years, also boldly stated that South Korean men were more obsessed with their looks compared to Malaysian men.

She said that the proof lies in the large market for male beauty products there.

Interesting points Minyeong. 

Of course, she’s just one South Korean woman lah but do you think she makes some good points? 

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