February 15, 2021


‘Starting a brand was the greatest challenge I’ve faced’

Fashion is all I ever wanted to do. When I was young I just loved anything to do with design and making and drawing and coloring. It felt natural for me to do creative things but I didn’t create any masterpieces growing up. I never won anything. I was never the star. It wasn’t like I was being courted or anything because I was amazing, I just worked so hard at it and loved it so much. It’s just something I did all the time.

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Virginia woman wows Facebook with ‘Target Dress Challenge’ likening pandemic to prairie life

It’s hard work weathering winter during a pandemic, so one Virginia woman decided to have a little fun with a hilarious photo shoot celebrating life on her “frontier.”

The so-called #TargetDressChallenge has taken off on social media in recent months, with 7,700 posts currently tagged on Facebook. Savvy shoppers have been amused by the long-sleeve, tea-length, floral frocks sold by the superstore, teasing that the dresses seem suited for pioneer life — or a pandemic. To bring the challenge to life, men and women have been staging silly photo shoots in the dresses, drawing parallels between the challenges of 19th

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