July 30, 2021


The truth about fast fashion: can you tell how ethical your clothing is by its price? | Fashion

What is the true cost of a Zara hoodie? In April 2019, David Hachfeld of the Swiss NGO Public Eye, along with a team of researchers and the Clean Clothes Campaign, attempted to find out. They chose to analyse a black, oversized top from Zara’s flagship Join Life sustainability line, which was printed with lyrics made famous by Aretha Franklin: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T: find out what it means to me”. It was an apt choice, because the idea was to work out whether any respect had been paid to the workers involved in the garment’s production, and how much of

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Jacksonville family’s clothing line featured in New York Fashion Week

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ripping the runway!

One local family is making strides in the fashion industry with a new clothing line.

Royal-Asher Grayson Watts is 4 years old and the owner of RAGZ LLC. His fashion line will be featured in New York’s Fashion week at the same he starts kindergarten.

“We have a 4-year-old entrepreneur. You know, you don’t have that often?,” said Tarsha Hagan, RAGZ CEO and Designer.

Watts’ Mom, Tarsha Hagan, emptied her life savings and successfully launched the clothing line last October to give little boys more clothing options.

It has now expanded to cover men,

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‘He’s a star, Gap is benefiting from that’: will Kanye West save the clothing giant? | Fashion

The Gap has released the second item from its collaboration with Kanye West’s Yeezy label. A black puffer called a “go round” jacket, which the rapper wore at the Balenciaga couture show, follows the electric blue puffer jacket which went on sale in June.

Insiders are hoping that the collaboration will reverse the fortunes of the retail giant and the signs are positive. The home of khaki lost $62m (£45m) in the third quarter of last year, according to Women’s Wear Daily, and confirmed plans to close all 81 of its physical stores in the UK and Ireland. But

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What is gender-fluid clothing? Fashion industry experts explain.

So, what is gender-fluid clothing?

Gender-fluid clothing has no agreed-upon definition in the fashion industry — it’s easier to explain its purpose. In essence, gender-fluid fashion isn’t limited by the traditional “menswear” and “womenswear” binary. Instead, the idea is that any given outfit completely disregards the association between pants and men, skirts and women and so on. In fact, some experts say gender-fluid clothing has little, if anything, to do with the brands, designers and retailers that create them. Instead, they argue, any piece of apparel can be gender-fluid if its wearer so chooses.

Black masculinities scholar Nalo Zidan, a
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‘Abacaxi’: Indian American Designer Sheena Sood’s Clothing Label is Fun, Sustainable and Inclusive | Business

If you can’t really go on a tropical holiday, try wearing one of Sheena Sood’s outfits, which will automatically transport you to some place that screams fun.

“Mindfully-made clothing inspired by travel, vibrant hues, and the infinite beauty of nature. Balancing bold color, handcrafted techniques, and an innovative play on traditional silhouettes”: This is how the Brooklyn, New York-based Indian American designer describes her clothing brand that is fast gaining recognition.

Just like her sustainable clothing and tie-dye technique, her brand name is unique, too. Called Abacaxi (pronounced as “uh-bah-ka-shee”), the brand is named after the Portuguese word for pineapple,

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Peace, Inc. donates top designer brand clothing to nursing home staff

Syracuse, N.Y.— The Frank DeFrancisco Eastwood Community Center normally would be empty on a recent Friday afternoon — it would also be filled with fewer trash bags.

However, these trash bags weren’t stuffed with useless junk. The bags were lined-up against the wall with paper taped to them that read “Women Small” and “Women Medium”.

David Capria, a Rotary of Eastwood member, tore open one of the bags to pull out a black shirt made of cotton. He searched for a price tag to see if it was still attached.

“This one is probably around $200,” Capria said.

Covid-19 created

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L.A. clothing designer creates sustainable underwear brand that supports local business

LOS ANGELES — Greatwood Underwear founder and designer Jermelle F. Pitts has been passionate about quality men’s underwear for as long as he can remember. When starting his own underwear line in 2018, the goal was to create a product that is sustainable.

Pitts set out to create a brand that is based locally in downtown Los Angeles. According to Shon Simon, owner of the clothing manufacturer Pitts works with, all of the manufacturing, textiles, waistbands, and fabric are created in Los Angeles. She said, “He’s the perfect candidate for doing it locally.”

One of the highlights to Pitts’ underwear

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Get to know the Dominican-founded fashion brand making sustainable clothing sexy

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“Thanks, it’s sustainable!” Words like “cute” or “sexy” might not come to mind when you think of sustainable fashion, but Dominican-based

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Etsy buys secondhand clothing app Depop to tap into gen Z | Fashion industry

Etsy is buying Depop, the British secondhand fashion resale app, for $1.6bn (£1.1bn) to tap into the fast-growing trend of generation Z young people reselling clothes online.

Announcing the deal on Wednesday, Josh Silverman, the chief executive of Brooklyn-based Etsy said he expected the resale craze would continue long after the recovery from the pandemic, and that it would be led by Depop’s “passionate community” of fashion-conscious young people. “This [gen Z] is an enormous demographic and it’s the trendsetter demographic,” he told analysts on a call to discuss the deal.

More than 90% of Depop’s 30 million users

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