June 18, 2021


7 Outdoor Furniture Brands That Interior Designers Consistently Turn To

If you’ve ever felt completely lost in a hunt for great outdoor furniture, you’re not alone. For many people, it’s an overwhelming and even intimidating category to shop for — not only is it something you probably don’t do very often, but you also have to find pieces that won’t immediately crumble under the elements after you shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Sure, you could weed through the millions of reviews until you find a label that seems trustworthy. But honestly, your best bet is just to turn to the outdoor furniture brands that interior designers themselves

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The hot new Aussie designers to know from Australian Fashion Week

This year’s Australian Fashion Week is a celebration of togetherness and creativity with more than 36 live runway shows, virtual showrooms and a lineup of 70 designers, each showcasing their take on Australian fashion. From ethereal dresses and minimalist tailoring to the new era of beachwear and unisex clothing, Australia is proving once again that nowhere does resortwear quite like them. Below, we round up the most buzzing Australian designers to know from Australian Fashion Week as the event continues.



Oroton, Australia’s oldest luxury brand dating back to 1938, has been given a refresh thanks to Creative Director

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Why Are Black Designers Not Held To Same Standard As Mainstream Designers?

Why Are Black Designers Not Held To Same Standard As Mainstream Designers?
Instagram/Brandon Blackwood NYC

In the past year, Black-owned businesses have been granted the opportunity to share the spotlight with other mainstream corporations—rightfully given the praise they deserve. The circumstances of what it took to inject Black businesses into the market are unfortunate, but there have been a number of seasoned and new business owners that have benefited from the growing support. During this last year, our community united to uplift, encourage, and catapult our Black-owned businesses and designers to the forefront—demanding visibility, equity, and equality for their services and talents. Our voice was so strong it moved others, specifically non-BIPOC,

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Local designer’s work featured at NC Fashion Week

A local fashion designer had his product line featured at Saturday’s North Carolina Fashion Week.

The runway event was held at the Parkton mansion in Parkton and VaVichi Clothiers started by Halifax County native Vic Manley was one of the featured brands.

The VaVichi brand began in 2017 but its origins date back to the mid-2000s with LOEG Men’s fashion brand.

The VaVichi brand was released to the public in December of 2017 through its online store.

Manley said fashion week went well and “featured some amazing designer lines and models

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Chinese designers to watch: The next megabrands?

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It’s a big deal when the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers announces a Chinese designer — Rui Zhou — as one of its nine finalists for the very first time (the winner is announced in September).

Other awards, such as China’s Yu Prize and Hu Fashion Forward Prize, have also fuelled the buzz surrounding Chinese designers.

But a sense of perspective is necessary — there is a long road to travel before a Chinese designer achieves megabrand status. For the Chinese, the direction of travel is certainly all

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Dowry Disputes Entangle Fashion Designers | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Bridal fashion shows are, for the most part, about creating a fantasy around a beautiful bride in a spectacular gown on her perfect day. For bridal designers the world over, success in selling this fantasy is key to the bottom line for their business.

Clients’ expectations to see positive, aspirational imagery explain why Pakistani bridal designer, Ali Xeeshan, surprised many earlier this year when he released a fashion film on Instagram to promote his latest collection of bridal couture, in which the “bride,” a child model wearing an ornate red wedding gown, has tears running down her face as she

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Amid COVID-19, L.A. fetish fashion designers are thriving

You might call it the roaring ’20s for some Angelenos, but maybe not in the way you’re thinking. Not everyone spent the last year stuck inside, eating frozen pizzas or making maple syrup or baking bread or catching up on the latest shows on Netflix.

Although the pandemic may have hurt retail sectors, sales figures for niche goods, particularly sex toys and fetish fashion, helped tell another pandemic story.

Sales last year were strong, say L.A. designers of fetish fashion, a category that includes bodysuits, crotchless underwear, bralettes, ball gags and pants made from materials such as leather, latex, vinyl,

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Shanghai Fashion Week: Designers relish full schedule of physical shows

Written by Yaling Jiang, CNNShanghai, China

At a Shanghai art museum built from converted oil tanks, an eclectically dressed crowd chattered excitedly and lamented the long wait for a showcase by Chinese fashion label, Private Policy. But attendees’ impatience quickly dissipated as they were admitted to the venue and the brand sent its latest creations down a pink catwalk bathed in artificial fog.

The thrill and anticipation of runway shows has been sorely missed across the fashion world in the past year. But while events in Europe and North America are still impaired by the ongoing pandemic, it was
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5 Designers to Know From Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2021

It was just over a year ago when Seoul Fashion Week became one of the first major fashion events to fall victim to the coronavirus. Due to South Korea’s locus as an early hotspot for the pandemic, the announcement of its postponement was made while Paris Fashion Week was still very much underway. While the situation in South Korea is currently stable, the week’s organizers were keen to ensure that this season’s events went ahead as responsibly as possible, with all of the shows live-streamed without an audience. Yet what emerged from these limitations was a surprising amount of creativity,

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