June 22, 2021


Local woman hoping to be named Ms. Health and Fitness. Here’s how you can help.

Jo Lawrence is a personal trainer at the YMCA in Idaho Falls and she just entered a national contest in hopes of being featured on the cover of a fitness magazine. | Rett Nelson, EastIdahoNews.com

IDAHO FALLS – A local woman is hoping to win a national contest and she’s asking for your support.

Jo Lawrence has been a personal trainer at the YMCA in Idaho Falls for many years and works as a trainer and nutrition coach at Melaleuca. She’s worked with clients nationwide and recently got wind of a women’s fitness competition sponsored by Muscle and Fitness Her

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Health Care Workers Deserve Fashion, Too

One of the more unexpected side effects of the pandemic was to forever alter our relationships with personal protective equipment; to make medical garments, at least in the mask sense, a new accessory of self-expression and a part of almost every wardrobe. And every designer’s arsenal.

Now that relationship is entering a new phase. Josie Natori, a designer known for her loungewear and lingerie, is joining forces with Care+Wear, the “healthwear” company known for its fashion approach to PICC line covers and clothing with port access, to introduce a line of scrubs modeled on her best-selling pajamas.

Ms. Natori is

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Impact of menopause on bone health

Women are 40 per cent more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis and 10 per cent more likely to develop hip osteoarthritis than men. Moreover, 46 million women in India are affected by osteoporosis.

This also contributes to significant morbidity and mortality to postmenopausal women. This is because women have a lower peak bone mass, which is compounded by the hormonal changes that occur at the time of menopause. It is a silent disease until fractures occur, which causes important secondary health problems and even death, says Manish Sontakke, Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgery, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis network Hospital.

“Especially, in

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5 Organizations That Support Black Women’s Mental Health

5 Organizations That Support Black Women’s Mental Health

Even though May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Black women need to know that their mental health matters — every damn day. Erica Richard, chair and medical director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Sibley Memorial Hospital shares, “Women are at least twice as likely to experience an episode of major depression as men. And, compared to their Caucasian counterparts, African-American women are only half as likely to seek help.”  The “strong Black woman” trope can leave many Black women feeling that needing help or places of vulnerability will make them weak.

It is the exact

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Want a baby? 5 things about infertility both men and women should know, Health News & Top Stories

Infertility is a condition where a person is unable to conceive. Dr Roland Chieng, acting medical director, Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore, explains that infertility affects at least one in six couples in Singapore. This rate is comparable to many other developed countries as mothers are getting older. He addresses several common misconceptions, and explains what kind of treatment couples can go for. 

Here are five things he shares about the condition: 

1. It’s easier to recognise signs of infertility in women than in men  

Signs of fertility apply only to women. For example, an irregular menstrual flow of every one

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5 ways to get to the heart of women’s health

As part of National Women’s Health Week, experts at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are getting to the heart of the matter: cardiovascular disease.

It’s the leading cause of death for women in the Sooner state. But prevention isn’t out of reach, and small changes can add up to longer, healthier life.

Vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins are the tried-and-true Mediterranean diet.

1. Food for thought

“Your gift to your heart is a moderate diet of vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. It’s the tried-and-true Mediterranean diet,” said OMRF Vice President of Research Rodger McEver, M.D., a cardiovascular biologist.

The fare results in lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose

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Fashion, Identity, and Mental Health | BU Today

Growing up outside of Fort Worth, Tex., Abiola Agoro has loved fashion since she was little. She was just nine, she says, when she started selling her own jewelry, which she made from polished stones she and her mother purchased at local mineral shows. They sold the jewelry from a store they rented next to their church. When she arrived at BU, Agoro’s interest expanded into fashion styling, and she launched her own mobile boutique and styling service, Styled by Ola, that offers personal styling services, customized jewelry, and clothing. Her work has been seen in numerous runway shows,

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Wire jewelry company helps pay for mental health counseling in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – There are many stigmas surrounding taking care of your mental health, especially in Black and Brown communities. One of the main reasons people say they don’t go to therapy is because it’s too expensive. A Lincoln couple is now pitching in to help, and it all starts with pieces of jewelry.

“One thing about wire is the more that you manipulate it, the harder it gets. If you manipulate it too much, it will break,” said Aspen Triplett, owner of Dasanni Speaks Wire Jewelry.

What started out as a way to cope for Aspen and her

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5 Male Infertility Myths Demystified – Health Topics, Men’s Health, Pregnancy

February 17, 2021

Clinical Contributors to this Story

David Shin, M.D. contributes to topics such as Urology.

A quick online search for male infertility information can lead you down a rabbit hole of myths and misconceptions. These common fertility misbeliefs have many couples who are trying to conceive confused about what’s fact and what’s fiction.

David Shin, M.D., chief of the Center for Sexual Health & Fertility at Hackensack University Medical Center addresses 5 myths centered around male infertility.

MYTH #1:Infertility is rarely the man’s fault. 

FACT: Contrary to popular belief, infertility is not a woman’s issue,

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