June 26, 2021


Peace, Inc. donates top designer brand clothing to nursing home staff

Syracuse, N.Y.— The Frank DeFrancisco Eastwood Community Center normally would be empty on a recent Friday afternoon — it would also be filled with fewer trash bags.

However, these trash bags weren’t stuffed with useless junk. The bags were lined-up against the wall with paper taped to them that read “Women Small” and “Women Medium”.

David Capria, a Rotary of Eastwood member, tore open one of the bags to pull out a black shirt made of cotton. He searched for a price tag to see if it was still attached.

“This one is probably around $200,” Capria said.

Covid-19 created

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How to Use Fashion and Jewelry As Home Decor

Schiaparelli’s gilded aviator eyeglasses have been living in my head rent-free since I first saw them on Instagram late last year. I’m fascinated by their surrealist design, intrigued by their Dadaesque appeal. And like a magpie attracted to shiny objects, I need to own a pair (and I’d take those Swarovski-studded finger bijoux too, please).

Would I ever wear them? Probably not. I’m no fashionisto, nor am I a particularly bold dresser. But I’d totally see them work as part of a coffee table arrangement, crowning a stack of books or between a set of funky vases on a sideboard.

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How Apple’s new iMacs color-matched today’s home fashion trends

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

At its spring event earlier this week, Apple made the unexpected and bold move of unveiling its new iMac in a kaleidoscopic array of colors. From the start of the event, color played a key role, with CEO Tim Cook kicking off the presentation in front of a large rainbow sculpture.

Apple’s embrace of the rainbow motif brings to mind Cook’s and the wider company’s support of the LGBTQ community, but its appearance on Tuesday served as an early wink at

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Men pose as contractors, steal jewelry from Creve Coeur woman’s home

CREVE COEUR, Mo — Police are asking the public to be on alert after a group of men posing as contractors entered a woman’s home and stole jewelry. The incident happened in Creve Coeur, on a recent weekday afternoon. The men arrived in a white truck and offered to make repairs to the homeowner’s gutters.

The homeowner stepped outside her front door and was engaged in conversation with one of the men, unaware that the group had split up. At various points of the conversation, the suspects had entered the home and stolen jewelry from a bedroom.

A neighbor recognized

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California teen allegedly stole $40,000 in jewelry on home tour

A well-dressed teenager driving an expensive car was allowed to wander unaccompanied in a Southern California mansion for sale — and he allegedly took $40,000 of jewelry during his self-guided tour, police say.

The theft from the Thousand Oaks home was reported two days after the March 13 open house, said the police report. Last week, a 16-year-old from Camarillo was arrested.

The agent said the suspect seemed young and “out of place,” but he claimed to be 23 years old and had a financial document that was required for an appointment to tour the house, which is on the

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Millennial Money: Bust gender bias and balance work at home

No matter how modern opposite-sex couples can be in their views on equality, old habits die hard. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this abundantly clear to parents who already struggled to find balance.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, mothers and fathers both left the workforce earlier in the pandemic in April 2020, but nearly all fathers eventually returned to work, while many mothers stayed home . And a paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that recessions typically lead to a gender wage gap growth of 2 percentage points, but a recession caused by a

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CONWAY, Ark.: The University of Central Arkansas dominated as they returned home for their first match at the UCA courts since October 30. 

It was a complete match from the Bears as they found the rhythm they have wanted all season, which led to their 7-0 victory over McNeese. 


It only took two matches to claim the doubles point as the teams agreed on playing till the clinch. That point was reached quickly as both of the top two teams came out with a fire under them. The No. 1

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Wealthy folks are buying jewelry from home during COVID

In pandemic times, if you can’t go to the bling, the bling will come to you.

Some of New York City’s high-end jewelers say they’ve had record sales over the past 11 months, all because they’re making house calls.

“Our sales are up 300 percent since the pandemic started,” Michel Piranesi, a jeweler who’s worked with Lionel Richie, Jackie Collins and socialites galore, told The Post.

Over the past several months, he’s been summoned — traveling on his own dime, negative COVID test in tow — by customers from Manhattan to Atlanta, Southampton and Palm Beach, Florida, where he sold

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Fashion Greats at Home: Thom Browne Is “Focusing On What Can Be Done”

Like most creative industries, the fashion industry has taken a huge hit during the coronavirus pandemic—and some of the biggest names in fashion are no exception. With a new year beginning and the end of the pandemic in sight, Vanity Fair is catching up with 12 fashion greats, as they recommend their go-to items for quarantine, and their hopes for the year to come.

“I am focused on looking forward to the new year, especially focusing on what can be done and forgetting about what cannot…” Thom Browne told Vanity Fair late last year. It had been a busy

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