April 16, 2021


What the Fashion Industry Can Learn

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Style Points is a weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world.

In fashion, there’s normcore, there’s gorpcore, and there’s even Totoro-core. And then there’s carbon. It might be the most unlikely buzzword to pop up in the industry, but over the past few years it has been in circulation nearly as often as fashion’s other favorite C-words, “capsule” and “collaboration.” Gabriela Hearst and Gucci have held carbon-neutral runway shows, and multiple fashion brands, including Burberry and De Beers, have announced their own ambitious paths towards carbon neutrality.

gucci spring summer 2020
Gucci’s spring 2020 carbon-neutral show.
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Industry Study Shows Where We’re At

The findings of research commissioned by Kassandra Lauren Gordon and the Goldsmiths’ Company into the challenges faced by black jewelers in the UK paint a somber picture of endemic racism, under-representation and significant barriers to success. Here’s why it’s high time for the industry to take a more proactive approach to nurturing black creatives, ensuring equal opportunities and giving the talented BIPOC professionals in the jewelry industry the visibility they deserve.

When the movement for social justice exploded onto the streets in the summer of 2020, London-based jeweler Kassandra Lauren

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Fashion industry failing to meet green targets: report

A recent Ellen MacArthur Foundation study found that 40 million tonnes of textiles were sent to landfills or incinerated every y
A recent Ellen MacArthur Foundation study found that 40 million tonnes of textiles were sent to landfills or incinerated every year.

Fashion’s biggest firms are making slow progress in meeting promises to improve their environmental and social impact, according to a damning sustainability report released Monday.

The inaugural Sustainability Index by the Business of Fashion magazine, the first to offer direct comparisons between the industry’s top firms, found they were often falling far short of their ambitious rhetoric on going green.

“The global economy has 10 years to avoid catastrophic climate change and an urgent duty to improve the welfare

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The Japanese designers building a more sustainable fashion industry

Written by Lena Vazifdar, CNN

In Japan, the term “mottainai” — loosely translated to “what a waste” — has deep roots. Originating from a Buddhist belief that every object has intrinsic value and should be utilized for its full life cycle, the credo has been threaded throughout national culture for centuries.

“Mottainai and handmade culture is everywhere in Japan,” said Kaoru Imajo, director of Japan Fashion Week Organization, said in an email. Sake lees (the residual yeast left over from the fermentation process), he points out, has long been used as a cooking ingredient, and discarded orange peels have been
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Penn State Harrisburg student is a rising star in the sustainable fashion industry

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Penn State Harrisburg freshman is quickly working her way up in the sustainable fashion community. One of her dresses made out of masks and newspapers is now on display at the Art Association of Harrisburg.

Sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly trendy. For Carley Furlow, it involves making clothes out of things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Her dress being featured at the art association is for the gallery exhibit “Figuratively Speaking,” where every piece of art

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The Fashion Industry Has a Big Oil Problem

Illustration for article titled Worn Out: The Fashion Industry's Big Oil Problem

Photo: Maja Hitij (Getty Images)

I really like buying clothes. I spend countless hours in the middle of the night scrolling my favorite brands’ Instagram feeds, and though I try to stick to buying secondhand, I also definitely set myself alarms to remember sample sales. Embarrassing, I know.

Turns out, this behavior isn’t just taking a toll on my bank account. It’s also heating up the planet. That’s because fashion has a big oil and gas problem. Sixty percent of the clothes produced worldwide today contain fossil fuel-based fibers like polyester, spandex, acrylic, and elastane.

A 2018

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Student-organized Fashion Week boasts can’t-miss lineup of preeminent fashion industry leaders

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Gwyneth Paltrow. Sarah Jessica Parker. Steve Madden. Kenneth Cole. Stella McCartney. Even the least fashion-inclined would be hard-pressed to skip over those luminaries, who make up just a fraction of the speakers slated to present at the student-run [email protected]’s Fashion Week 2021.

This year’s event, which will be held virtually over the span of nearly three weeks, will look quite different from years past, but [email protected] president and Class of 2021 student Sasha Pinto says the mission will remain the same: to host a robust lineup of professionals to present, chat, encourage

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Fashion victims: Italian artisans try to preserve their struggling industry

Creativity emanates from every corner of Italy, and this country’s $67 billion fashion business taps the talent of artisans who draw on generations of tradition.

But the coronavirus is sending shockwaves through the industry, shuttering shops and canceling fashion shows, with losses reaching a staggering $20 billion.

Correspondent Seth Doane traveled across Italy in recent months, to see how artisans are coping in the COVID era, from the floors of a fabric factory in the eastern Veneto region, to the rolling hills of Umbria.


CBS News

In the fashion capital, Milan, Raffaella Grasso inherited the embroidery business Pino Grasso Ricami

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