July 21, 2021


Men, the doctor will see you now and would really like to | Lifestyle

Many of us are pondering the questions du jour: Should I return to the office? If so, when? Full time or hybrid? 

But a return to work isn’t the only question I hope you’re asking. It’s also time to return to your health care providers for essential annual exams that fell by the wayside during COVID-19. 

And nobody needs a bigger nudge than the men in our lives, who countless studies show are less likely than women to see the doctor unless they’re really sick. Even then, they might not be candid about what ails them. We check in this

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Drug dealing woman’s lavish lifestyle as she ran her prisoner boyfriend’s cocaine ’empire’ – and then got her MUM dealing

A mum enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and bought designer clothes whilst running her boyfriend’s cocaine business – whilst he was in prison.

Jamey-Leigh Brook-Parkinson, 27, was in constant contact with her partner, who cannot be named for legal reasons, who instructed her on how to operate the lucrative drug operation.

In the messages, he told her how much money to pay into bank accounts, where to pick up deals and even how to go about establishing a new business for when he was released, Manchester Crown Court heard.

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In the world of whiskey men, more women are calling for shots | Lifestyle

In 2018, the three founders of Miram & Greene, a distillery in Blanco, Texas, traveled for the first time to the San Antonio Cocktail Conference, one of the state’s largest gatherings of bartenders, distilleries, and their army of fans. They were excited to introduce the new whiskey until they found the assigned table stuck in a corner far from the action.

Cold shoulders may have come because they weren’t used to the scene, or because some of the whiskey was made outside Texas. But not all three helped — entrepreneur Masha Miram. Heather Green, CEO and Master Blender. And Marlene

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In the male world of whiskey, more women are calling the shots | Lifestyle

In 2018, the three founders of Milam & Greene, a distillery in Blanco, Texas, made their first trip to the San Antonio Cocktail Conference, one of the state’s largest gatherings of bartenders, distillers and their legions of fans. They were excited to introduce their new whiskey, until they found their assigned table — stuck in a corner, far from the action.

The cold shoulder might have come because they were new to the scene, or because a portion of their whiskey was made outside Texas. But it didn’t help that all three of them — Marsha Milam, entrepreneur; Heather Greene,

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The perfect swimsuit? At Body Double, that’s a possible dream | Lifestyle

As the weather gets warmer and the beaches get busier, many women find themselves in search of that magical bathing suit that will make them feel they can hit the sand with confidence.

But shopping for that perfect swimsuit can be very intimidating, especially given the beach bodies shown in magazines and movies. Standing in that dressing room trying on suits is a moment many shoppers dread — and don’t get past.

That’s where Liz Welsh comes in. Established in 1986, Welsh’s swimsuit shop, Body Double Swimwear, has now been helping customers find their perfect fit for more than 35

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Introducing Bistro Vibes, the Throwback Lifestyle for the Happily Washed

Once you notice it, you start seeing it everywhere. It’s the 1989 BMW 325i buzzing down your street with the top down, piloted by a guy wearing a vintage Armani suit like Richard Gere would have worn in 1991 and blasting a Thundercat song that sounds like it’s from 1986. It’s the billboard promoting John Mayer’s new album with the instruction to “Make every drive a road trip.” (It’s the fact that Mayer’s new album will be released on CD, too.) It’s the return of seltzer with some lime—not purely for sobriety, but not not, either. It’s the rise of

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Serbian Roma girl band sings for women’s empowerment | Lifestyle

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Their songs are about “women chained” in abuse witnessed by generations, or teenage brides being forced into marriage by their fathers. And they tell women to seek love, fight back and stand up for their right to be equal with men.

A female Roma band in Serbia is using music to preach women’s empowerment within their community, challenging some deeply rooted traditions and centuries-old male domination.

Formed in 2014, “Pretty Loud” symbolically seeks to give a louder voice to Roma girls, encourage education and steer them away from the widespread custom of early marriage. The band

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Our Women Making a Difference honorees have been named and we can’t wait for you to meet each one. | Lifestyle & Leisure

Inside every thriving community, there are people who have a knack for identifying what needs to be done, then figuring out how to make it happen. They are the agents of change. The rainmakers. Whether on their own or by galvanizing others, they find the resources and volunteers. They organize and delegate. They push the envelope a little. They push themselves a lot. Some days they wonder how they will get it done. Then they get up and they do it.

We found a group of women we think are perfect examples of the kind of drive and spirit that

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Treasure hunting in thrift shops becoming new lifestyle trend in China

A charity shop in Shanghai Photo: Sina Weibo

Posting shopping experiences in thrift shops has recently become a new trend on China’s lifestyle-oriented online platforms such as Little Red Book and Dazhong Dianping. This growing “thrift culture” in China has not been limited to those who like a bargain, it has also turned into a lifestyle choice by an increasing number of young Chinese consumers who value personal style and saving money over the extravagance of the consumer controversy. 

Such online posts from netizens are diverse in contents with some showing the results of them undertaking a limited spending challenge

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