August 1, 2021


Religious man holds up sign at Jacksonville Beach telling women to ‘dress modest’

A religious fan has ignited fury by parading down a Florida beach with a sign demanding that women “dress modest”.

TikTok user @.katie.simmons was minding her own business at Jacksonville Beach in the US when a middle-aged religious fanatic blocked her view.

She captured the entire incident on camera, and since sharing it to TikTok on Monday, it has gone viral with more than 680,000 views.

Standing in front of her, the man held up his aggressive handwritten sign.

It read: “God says Christian women dress modest.

“1 Timothy 2:19.

“Repent. Turn to Jesus.”

But Katie was having none of

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TikToker slams man telling women to dress modestly at beach

A woman says she was harassed by a man on a Florida beach after he stood in front of her holding a sign about modesty while she was wearing a bathing suit.

TikTok user @.katie.simmons, who goes by Katie on the app, questioned the sign which read, “God says Christian women dress modest” — in a now-popular TikTok with almost 660,000 views.

“Sir, it’s a beach,” Katie can be heard saying in the clip. “Are we supposed to dress modest at a beach?”

“God doesn’t want women —” the man begins before Katie interrupts.

In the past, TikTokers used

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I’m 85 & on Bumble to find love after splitting with man, 39

A GLAM 85-year-old gran has revealed she is once again looking for love after splitting from her 39-year-old toyboy lover.

Pensioner Hattie Retroage, from New York, said she is now on dating app Bumble in a quest to “find some fun”, and calls herself a “sexy woman.”

Glam gran Hattie Retroage is on the hunt for a younger man, and is looking for love on Bumble


Glam gran Hattie Retroage is on the hunt for a younger man, and is looking for love on BumbleCredit: Facebook

Divorcee Hattie vowed to only date younger men after her marriage broke down when she was 48.

Speaking to Fabulous, Hattie said: “I’m not dating anyone now.  Will be posting on

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Encino family, Glendale man used millions in COVID relief to get luxury homes, jewelry, gold coins: DOJ

Four Los Angeles-area residents were found guilty of fraudulently obtaining millions in COVID-19 relief funds that they used to get luxury homes, gold coins, jewelry and other items, federal officials announced Tuesday.

Forty-two-year-old Encino man Richard Ayvazyan, his wife 37-year-old Marietta Terabelian, his brother 41-year-old Artur Ayvazyan, and Vahe Dadyan, 41, of Glendale were all convicted in the case, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California.

Officials say the defendants used fake or stolen identities — including the made-up identities of “Iuliia Zhadko” and “Viktoria Kauichko” — to submit fraudulent applications for Paycheck Protection Program

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Slain woman was like a little sister, says man who helped fund luxury lifestyle

A Melbourne accountant who helped fund the luxury lifestyle of a woman before she was killed has denied being her pimp or sugar daddy, maintaining they were close friends.

However, Mark Paul Gray said his friendship with Ellie Price soured shortly before her death in April 2020, when she threatened to falsely report him for rape unless he paid her $100,000.

Ellie Price and (inset) murder accused Ricardo Barbaro.

Ellie Price and (inset) murder accused Ricardo Barbaro.Credit: Supplied

Mr Gray, 58, who was one of the last people to see the 26-year-old alive, told a Melbourne Magistrates Court hearing on Wednesday he regarded Ms Price as a

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Shania Twain rewears Man! I Feel Like a Woman! outfit | Entertainment

Shania Twain has re-visited her iconic ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!’ outfit.

The 55-year-old singer donned a black bustier mini dress, white jacket, thigh-high velvet boots and a black top hat for the original music video in 1999 and has now whipped out the ensemble for a TikTok video.

The video begins with a clip from the classic promo, showing off the outfit before cutting to a modern-day Shania wearing an identical outfit.

She had swapped a few details from the original outfit by adding some fishnet tights, bright red lipstick and a silk choker with teardrop gems.


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Middle-aged man has bone to pick with middle-aged woman

Fond memories of Bath prevail

Met with a handful of unfortunate experiences once we stepped off our train at the station in Bath, England, my husband and I could have easily been a bit disheartened.

Although we quickly secured a ride to the car rental located off site, our driver took us to the wrong agency. In vain, we expressed our concern that the place to which he’d taken us was different than the one on our reservation. They are one and the same, he insisted, and he drove off before we could confirm his information.

Undaunted, though, we dragged our suitcases

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Savannah man, family embrace his cross-dressing as a woman

Jane Fishman is a contributing lifestyle columnist for the Savannah Morning News.

It’s not often you see two photographs – one a man, the other a woman – in the same obituary. But that’s how William “Bill” Davidson IV – aka Barbara Marie Davidson – who died March 13 at 77, wanted it.

The retired lieutenant commander spent 26 years in the military serving in Vietnam and Granada followed by 19 years as a registered nurse. The graduate of Savannah High School and The Citadel didn’t want there to be any confusion. He wanted to make sure everything was as

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Shaquille O’Neal helps man pay for engagement ring at Atlanta jewelry store


Shaquille O’Neal made a lucky fan’s day. In a video posted to Instagram, the Hall of Fame big man was spotted at a jewelry store in Atlanta giving his credit card to man paying for an engagement ring.

The video itself is short, but reveals the entirety of the story as the NBA legend covers the bill and shakes the hand of the man wanting to get the ring.

O’Neal then explained some further details on “Inside the NBA” during a segment about the context surrounding the video itself. 

“This happened yesterday,” O’Neal said. “So I was in Zales, looking

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