April 14, 2021


Middle-aged man has bone to pick with middle-aged woman

Fond memories of Bath prevail

Met with a handful of unfortunate experiences once we stepped off our train at the station in Bath, England, my husband and I could have easily been a bit disheartened.

Although we quickly secured a ride to the car rental located off site, our driver took us to the wrong agency. In vain, we expressed our concern that the place to which he’d taken us was different than the one on our reservation. They are one and the same, he insisted, and he drove off before we could confirm his information.

Undaunted, though, we dragged our suitcases

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Savannah man, family embrace his cross-dressing as a woman

Jane Fishman is a contributing lifestyle columnist for the Savannah Morning News.

It’s not often you see two photographs – one a man, the other a woman – in the same obituary. But that’s how William “Bill” Davidson IV – aka Barbara Marie Davidson – who died March 13 at 77, wanted it.

The retired lieutenant commander spent 26 years in the military serving in Vietnam and Granada followed by 19 years as a registered nurse. The graduate of Savannah High School and The Citadel didn’t want there to be any confusion. He wanted to make sure everything was as

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Shaquille O’Neal helps man pay for engagement ring at Atlanta jewelry store


Shaquille O’Neal made a lucky fan’s day. In a video posted to Instagram, the Hall of Fame big man was spotted at a jewelry store in Atlanta giving his credit card to man paying for an engagement ring.

The video itself is short, but reveals the entirety of the story as the NBA legend covers the bill and shakes the hand of the man wanting to get the ring.

O’Neal then explained some further details on “Inside the NBA” during a segment about the context surrounding the video itself. 

“This happened yesterday,” O’Neal said. “So I was in Zales, looking

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Miss Manners: Pity the poor biker man beset by ‘brazen’ women

This woman came up to me and said hi. I said hi back, and then she proceeded to ask me if I could take off my helmet — she said she wanted to see how old I was because the helmet always throws her off. I thought, “You have some nerve!”

I wonder what you would think, Miss Manners, if I walked up to your car window and knocked and said, “Hi, could you roll down your window so I can see if you’re pretty or young enough for me?” I bet that would go very well.

This isn’t the

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Piers Morgan’s comments about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, highlight the danger of the rejected man

Piers Morgan’s toxic treatment of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is chillingly familiar for many women. We may not all be royalty with a public figure repeatedly vilifying us in front of millions, but we know the dynamic: to reject a man can be just about one of the most dangerous things a woman can do.

Morgan’s attitude towards Meghan was not always negative. A look back through the British TV presenter’s Twitter history surfaces many complimentary tweets about and to her, from when she still had an active account. According to Morgan, their friendship began in 2015, when she messaged

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Will the real chivalrous man please sit down

As woman’s day dawns upon us, two arguments immediately break out: what about men’s day, and look at how all the feminists killed chivalry.

On the surface, both these arguments seem to deserve some attention. Upon closer inspection, neither have any merit. Firstly, men’s day is on November 19. It is the same day as World Toilet Day. Do with that what you will.

The more important discussion is the one revolving around chivalry. A simplistic observation is that chivalry was the military and over time, romantic codes of practice upheld by knights and European soldiers.

Today, the focus is

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Drug deal earns man two charges for one crime

West Palm Beach Police

Drug possession/sale: Standing at the corner of Spruce Avenue and 17th Street, two men were having a discussion. As their talks continued one man pulled some money out of his pocket while the other removed a small white container from one of his pants pockets. As their transaction was being finalized, one of the men looked up and realized they were being watched by three police officers. Though the men immediately began walking north as if nothing had happened, they were quickly detained by police. The man’s container contained multiple pieces of crack cocaine and that

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