June 18, 2021


Dating ‘expert’ Says Men Should Always Pay for the First Date

This is the 21st Century right, so it’s okay to split the bill on a first date, right? Not according to TikTok dating ‘expert’ Nelly, who, in a recent video that has massed more than 85,000 views, explained why she thinks men should always foot the bill on a first date.

Speaking on her TikTok channel @ask.nelly, she explained how, “Men should never let a woman pay for a first date because if you’re asking a girl out and then going Dutch, it just shows you’re cheap, you weren’t raised right, you’re not chivalrous and you’re dating outside of

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The ugly truth about men who get beauty treatments

Hmmm, what’s that big, hairy thing blocking your view of the bathroom mirror? Wait, could it be … your husband? Yep. Most probably. Thanks to the pandemic, men are getting love bites on their mirrors. The latest research reveals that the male of the species is currently spending more time in the bathroom beautifying himself than his female partner. Why? Well, a year of Zoom meetings and video conferencing has blokes focusing on their flaws.

Gone are the days when a male’s grooming technique required nothing more than “a shower, a shit and a shave”. A woman is now more

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China Wants More Babies. Some Men Choose Vasectomies.

Huang Yulong never wanted a baby. As a child, he resented his parents, who left him in the care of relatives while they worked in faraway factories, visiting roughly once a year. He never felt a need to reproduce or pass on the family name.

So, at the age of 26, he had a vasectomy.

“For our generation, children aren’t a necessity,” said Mr. Huang, a bachelor in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. “Now we can live without any burdens. So why not invest our spiritual and economic resources on our own lives?”

Mr. Huang, 27, is striving for

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Want a baby? 5 things about infertility both men and women should know, Health News & Top Stories

Infertility is a condition where a person is unable to conceive. Dr Roland Chieng, acting medical director, Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore, explains that infertility affects at least one in six couples in Singapore. This rate is comparable to many other developed countries as mothers are getting older. He addresses several common misconceptions, and explains what kind of treatment couples can go for. 

Here are five things he shares about the condition: 

1. It’s easier to recognise signs of infertility in women than in men  

Signs of fertility apply only to women. For example, an irregular menstrual flow of every one

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Why Men Are at Higher Risk of Melanoma, And How to Fix It

In William Finnegan’s memoir Barbarian Days, the surfer and journalist puts his once-splotchy red chest on par with the sublime: “I was a sunburnt pagan now,” he writes. “I felt privy to mysteries.” But there’s enough self-awareness in his exacting, New Yorker-trained prose to recognize the truth: all that time in the sun in the late ’70s probably wasn’t a good idea.

Recounting a trip to Australia, he writes: “The Gold Coast was an object lesson in how I was destroying my body through surfing. Looking around at Australians who spent a lot of time in tropical sun

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Why men win more Oscars than women | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW

“The Oscar goes to…” — in purely statistical terms, the name that follows will be a man’s. After all, 68% of the contenders for the prestigious trophy are male, which means that in 2021, men will receive the majority of Oscars. The good news is that the percentage of women nominated for an award is on the rise: 28.5% last year compared to 32% this year, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Two female directors are in the running, too: Chloe Zhao and Emerald Fennell. The fact that two women have been nominated in the Best

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The Best Cheap Jewelry for Men Doesn’t Look at All Cheap

We’ve got a confession: “cheap jewelry for men” is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, the jewelry we’ve rounded up here is affordable—all of it clocks in at $150 or less—but none of it looks cheap. No, you’re not getting solid gold or precious gems at these prices. (And be wary if someone says you are.) 

Thanks to the men’s jewelry renaissance currently sweeping the nation, you no longer have to blow your life savings to bring some well-made, well-designed flash to your fits. The difference between the cheap men’s jewelry we’ve turned up and what falls off the back

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AP Stylebook bans word mistress for women who have affairs with married men


The AP Stylebook argued that writers should use phrasing that acknowledges both people in the relationship were romantically or sexually involved. Photo / 123RF

It’s a word that’s been used for centuries but according to one of the world’s leading writing style guide describing a woman as a “mistress” as it implies she is “solely responsible for the affair”.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary a mistress is a “woman other than his wife with whom a married man has a continuing sexual relationship”.

“Don’t use the term mistress for a woman

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Here’s how age affects fertility in both men and women, weighs in a Gynaecologist

The rate of fertility is seeing a decline day by day and several factors are behind it. One of the most crucial ones is the age which plays a major role in conceiving. So, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, leading gynaec and infertility specialist talks about how age affects fertility in men and women.

It is a known fact that the potential of having children reduces in both men and women with growing age. The exact time varies among individuals and genders. Among women, fertility is higher below the age of 35. In men, those younger than 40 years are more likely

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