February 7, 2021


Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Has Been Made into Shoppable, Affordable Replicas

queen elizabeth coronation

Hulton ArchiveGetty Images

The House of Windsor has no shortage of jewelry. At state dinners, royal weddings, and other formal affairs, the royals are known for trotting out some of the most stunning necklaces, earrings, and—of course—tiaras. And over the years, some of their best-loved pieces—like Queen Elizabeth’s Burmese Ruby Tiara, or the Duchess of Cambridge’s diamond stud earrings—have developed cult followings of their own.

The royals, mindful of this, have generously created a range of affordable jewelry inspired by their own priceless sparklers. At the Royal Collection Shop, fans will find the opportunity to purchase a replica of

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Royal-Approved Replicas of Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Are Available for Sale


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Jewelry is literally close to our hearts; some of us never take it off. Whether it’s a ring or necklace that holds deep sentimental meaning, there’s no denying that certain pieces are more than just accessories — they’re tangible reminders of the people we love and memories we hold dear. And, adding customization into the equation further ensures that the meaning of a bauble is preserved for generations to come.There are plenty of personalized jewelry options to be had across a multitude of budgets. Ahead, find such a variety of bespoke finery from cheeky

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