April 29, 2021


Revenge Shopping vs Sustainability: Fashion Can’t Have Both | This Week in Fashion, BoF Professional

Climate-positive sweatsuits, circular sneakers and organic capsules. Fashion’s sustainability marketing became a frenzy with Earth Day this week. But this messaging jostled for attention alongside equally breathless predictions of a roaring resurgence in post-pandemic consumption.

Stores reopened in England last week to queuing crowds, which propelled the likes of Primark to record sales. In the US, retailers are on a hiring binge in anticipation of a major bounce back, while a strong rebound in demand in China continues to underpin the market.

Some brands are already reaping the benefits. LVMH saw sales from its fashion division jump 37 percent in

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Carolina K Talks Sustainability and Ethical Fashion

Carolina Kleinman founded her lifestyle brand, Carolina K, after traveling around the world and settling in the small town of Tepoztlán, Mexico. Although the Argentinian-born designer now resides in Miami, she still works closely with artisans in remote areas of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and India to achieve her eclectic and distinctive embroidered designs, rooted in tradition and culture. The artisans she works with uphold traditions like ancestral hand-crochet and looming practices, which eschew the use of electricity and dangerous chemicals. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to the brand and in an

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Shaming women out of fast-fashion won’t combat sustainability; empowering women will

The 2020 satirical indie horror film Slaxx exposes the horrors associated with the fashion industry when a pair of jeans become possessed by the exploited factory workers who made them. Frustrated by the cynicism of Western consumer society and the layers of injustice fashion generates, the jeans engage in a rampant bloodbath targeting the influencers, vloggers, consumers and fashion store managers that perpetuate the inhumane conditions through which they are produced. Using a combination of gore and comedy, the raging jeans point to an apocalypse fuelled by the perceived immorality of the fast fashion.

Poor factory conditions loom heavy on

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Cierra Boyd’s Friskmegood promotes sustainability through fashion

Using bold and flamboyant styles Cierra Boyd is creating a legacy of her own in world of fashion.

CLEVELAND — We’ve all the heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But for 25-year-old Cierra Boyd, it’s not just a saying. She’s made a living out of it.

Boyd is the owner of Friskmegood Inc, a clothing line dedicated to mixing bold and flamboyant designs with upcycling and sustainability.

“It’s basically using materials, that have already been produced, already been created, already made their mark on fast fashion in the industry,” explains Boyd.

With limited access to

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Zalando Reveals The Finalists For Its Sustainability Award At Copenhagen Fashion Week

While global fashion weeks may look a little different this year, as designers pivot to digital presentations and the once exclusive front row is replaced by livestreams, one topic remains firmly at the top of the agenda: sustainability. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which has partnered with Zalando to introduce a new Sustainability Award that will spotlight the brands leading the charge in both style and sustainability.

As part of Zalando’s commitment to fostering a responsible fashion industry, the award will launch this month at Copenhagen Fashion Week with the aim to: “Encourage fashion brands

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