April 16, 2021


South Korean Woman Says Malaysian Men More Appealing Than Those From Her Country | Lifestyle

We all know that many Malaysian women are infatuated with South Korean men, thanks to Korean dramas and K-Pop culture.

The Oppa craze.

Could you imagine if the tables were turned? 

Imagine South Korean women fancying Malaysian men instead.

Sounds impossible?

Not for one South Korean woman.

Minyeong Choi told Utusan Malaysia that Malaysian men are more appealing than South Korean men, especially when it comes to family-related responsibilities.

The 26-year-old claimed that Malaysian men were more likely to prioritise their families while South Korean men would rather spend their time having fun outside.

“Some of them get home so late that they

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A 23andMe DNA test leads Wilmington woman to siblings she never knew

Amanda Garcia was 12 years old when she learned her stepfather wasn’t her biological dad. Although not knowing has been a source of curiosity and concern over the years, she hasn’t decided to pursue contact since. 

In fact, it was general health and ancestry interests that led the 47-year-old Wilmington woman to take a 23andMe DNA test in October. She was surprised to learn that most of her genetic makeup relates to Europe and the British Isles. And the test didn’t reveal many insights about her health, either. 

No, the big shock came with a list of newly discovered family

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Middle-aged man has bone to pick with middle-aged woman

Fond memories of Bath prevail

Met with a handful of unfortunate experiences once we stepped off our train at the station in Bath, England, my husband and I could have easily been a bit disheartened.

Although we quickly secured a ride to the car rental located off site, our driver took us to the wrong agency. In vain, we expressed our concern that the place to which he’d taken us was different than the one on our reservation. They are one and the same, he insisted, and he drove off before we could confirm his information.

Undaunted, though, we dragged our suitcases

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Savannah man, family embrace his cross-dressing as a woman

Jane Fishman is a contributing lifestyle columnist for the Savannah Morning News.

It’s not often you see two photographs – one a man, the other a woman – in the same obituary. But that’s how William “Bill” Davidson IV – aka Barbara Marie Davidson – who died March 13 at 77, wanted it.

The retired lieutenant commander spent 26 years in the military serving in Vietnam and Granada followed by 19 years as a registered nurse. The graduate of Savannah High School and The Citadel didn’t want there to be any confusion. He wanted to make sure everything was as

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Woman spots man’s alleged creepy behavior in gym mirror: ‘What do you think?’

A woman on TikTok is sharing a jarring video of a man’s alleged creepy gym behavior after she claims she saw him take photos of her while she was working out. 

TikTok user @juliaapic, who goes by Julia, is a fitness and lifestyle influencer on the platform. But her most viral video isn’t an exercise tutorial or recipe video — it’s a clip of the time she allegedly caught a stranger at the gym taking a photo of her.

“Was filming a workout back in January when this happened,” Julia wrote in the TikTok. 

Related: Husband accused of cheating

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Austin woman creates TikTok calling out men who think moving to Austin is huge

Earlier this month, Kerri Moutos created a TikTok to blast men who believe the

Earlier this month, Kerri Moutos created a TikTok to blast men who believe the “biggest risk” or most “spontaneous thing” they’ve done was move to Austin. She took screenshots of men and their names (didn’t show their face), proving many put that on their Hinge dating profile.

TikTok: Kerri Moutos

Moving to Austin isn’t a big flex, sorry.

Earlier this month, Kerri Moutos created a TikTok to blast men who believe the “biggest risk” or most “spontaneous thing” they’ve done was move to Austin. She took screenshots of men and their

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‘Men have stared, groped, catcalled and verbally abused me’: The experiences of a young woman living in Edinburgh – Beth Murray

This summer will mark five years since I first moved to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is the city I learned how to keep myself safe in, writes Beth Murray.
Edinburgh is the city I learned how to keep myself safe in, writes Beth Murray.

It is the first and only city I have ever lived in and it’s where I learned how I had to act to try to keep myself safe.

At 18-years-old I was excited to move but coming from a rural farm in the Scottish Highlands, I took my safety for granted.

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The i

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Lisa Byington will be first woman on play-by-play

Broadcaster Lisa Byington will likely reach another first for women in sports when she takes her seat at the men’s NCAA tournament next week.

Byington is believed to be the first woman to do play-by-play in men’s tournament history, according to sports media reporters. Byington will call games through the round of 32 for CBS and TNT, the companies announced Thursday.

The tournament begins in one week with the NCAA First Four.

Byington makes another first in broadcasting

Byington will be on a team with analyst Steve Smith as one of 10 pairings. All games will be at one site

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Ask Amy: Woman in startup should strike out | Lifestyle

Dear Amy: I work for a small entertainment startup, consisting of five cisgender white men. I got in on the ground floor during the pandemic.

As the only female and youngest/newest member, I’ve felt undervalued and excluded, despite being the only one with a four-year degree.

So far, I’d brushed these concerns aside because of my youth and lack of experience.

However, two weeks ago, politics came up and I realized that several of my co-workers (who are also co-owners) have beliefs that fly in the face of social justice, such as denying the existence of white privilege and calling

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