May 9, 2021


London Mayoral Elections 2021: Which Candidate Is Best For Women?

If re-elected, Khan says he will “help tackle the lack of confidence many women and girls have in policing and the wider criminal justice system,” he writes. First and foremost, he wants to re-frame the narrative. “The problem is with men who are sexist or inappropriate, or even in some cases men that are violent. And it’s not women who should have to change the way they live their lives – it’s men who need to change – and that’s why rooting out these abhorrent behaviours is so important,” he continues.

So, how will he bring about change? By

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Why men win more Oscars than women | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW

“The Oscar goes to…” — in purely statistical terms, the name that follows will be a man’s. After all, 68% of the contenders for the prestigious trophy are male, which means that in 2021, men will receive the majority of Oscars. The good news is that the percentage of women nominated for an award is on the rise: 28.5% last year compared to 32% this year, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Two female directors are in the running, too: Chloe Zhao and Emerald Fennell. The fact that two women have been nominated in the Best

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Why Having More Gay Women In Finance Is Important For Diversity

Stephanie McCaffrey, a former professional soccer player now on her way to Wall Street for her next future, has no shame about pursuing a career that will make her financially successful. Stephanie is a current second-year Wharton MBA and will work for Goldman Sachs as a full-time associate this summer. Her biggest goal is to help move the needle towards LGBT people and women in finance.

Stephanie wants to lead by the power of example. The mentors that she had the pleasure of meeting at Goldman Sachs during an internship she held at the firm last summer inspired her

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How Women Of Color In The Cannabis Industry Are Fighting For Equality

Despite its enticing sandalwood scented, millennial pink packaging, the trillion dollar American wellness industry has historically been complicit in the systemic oppression and exploitation of people of color. The burgeoning cannabis industry is no different, particularly for women of color in the cannabis space. The global uprising throughout the pandemic brought with it a renewed perspective about how institutions accumulate power and profit through the labor and ideas of Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Whether it is the selling of overpriced turmeric lattes with spices unethically sourced from parts of India, the burning of over harvested white sage, or

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AP Stylebook bans word mistress for women who have affairs with married men


The AP Stylebook argued that writers should use phrasing that acknowledges both people in the relationship were romantically or sexually involved. Photo / 123RF

It’s a word that’s been used for centuries but according to one of the world’s leading writing style guide describing a woman as a “mistress” as it implies she is “solely responsible for the affair”.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary a mistress is a “woman other than his wife with whom a married man has a continuing sexual relationship”.

“Don’t use the term mistress for a woman

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Being alone is a choice for many older women

Interviewed for the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar, 83-year-old Jane Fonda said she was through with romantic relationships. 

“I don’t want to be in a relationship, a sexual relationship, again,” she said. “I don’t have that desire.”

Three-quarters of my women friends of my generation are single, with the single numbers equally split between never married and divorced or widowed. Having been divorced for 45 years, I can almost forget that I ever was married. 

Some years ago — I can’t pinpoint when, it happened gradually — the topic of men faded from conversations with nearly every single, straight

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Here’s how age affects fertility in both men and women, weighs in a Gynaecologist

The rate of fertility is seeing a decline day by day and several factors are behind it. One of the most crucial ones is the age which plays a major role in conceiving. So, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, leading gynaec and infertility specialist talks about how age affects fertility in men and women.

It is a known fact that the potential of having children reduces in both men and women with growing age. The exact time varies among individuals and genders. Among women, fertility is higher below the age of 35. In men, those younger than 40 years are more likely

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Jordan Designer Kelsey Amy: Women in Sneakers, PE Shoes & More

Kelsey Amy’s first job at Nike wasn’t as a designer. When she interned with the company in 2013, she didn’t even know her current role, a senior color designer for Jordan Brand’s sport and promo product, existed. But after spending a few months doing marketing for the brand and getting a taste of the Portland life, Amy caught the Swoosh bug. 

She went back home to Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania—a two-hour drive from Penn State, where she had played field hockey and studied fine arts—and soon decided she was dead set on returning to the Pacific Northwest for a job with

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What we can learn from ‘Not All Men’ but 97 per cent of women

This article discusses sexual assault and may be triggering for some readers. The Journal uses “survivor” to refer to those who have experienced sexual assault. We acknowledge this term is not universal. The Kingston Sexual Assault Centre’s 24-hour crisis and support phone line can be reached at 613-544-6424 / 1-800-544-6424. The Centre’s online chat feature can be reached here.

In the midst of conversations about sexism, violence against women, and toxic masculinity, the phrase ‘not all men’ has become a popular response to defend male perspectives. This narrative is extremely problematic and minimizes the opportunity for further conversations surrounding female

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