March 7, 2021


The 11 Best Designer Brands That We Want To Shop This Year

We can read the room. We know that splashing large wads of cash – or, more likely, inputting your card details into a payment box online – isn’t the number 1 hobby of lockdown 3.0. But it seems that even if we’ve calmed down on the spending front, we’re still searching for designer brands. And, if you have decided to treat yourself, our deeply un-scientific methods of deciding which labels deserve the title of ‘best brand’, will help to guide you to invest in something you’ll love forever. Or that will at least hold onto its value if you decide

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Influencer, Designer, And CEO Shea Marie Talks Building A Brand And Creating Her Biggest Sales Year Yet

Shea Marie’s Same swimwear is handmade in Los Angeles and crafted from the highest quality Italian fabrics, with a fabulous design you can wear in and out of the water. Marie has traveled the world as an influencer and stylist, but always remains in touch with her California roots. She set out to create a line of swimwear that was versatile and chic — something to be respected as not only swimwear, but ready-to-wear fashion, too. With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, her background as an influencer has given her an incredible platform to share her beautiful designs. But

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New York fashion week 2021 eclipsed by Chinese new year | Fashion

New York’s big week kicks off on 14 February, two days after the start of the Year of the Ox, putting it head-to-head with Chinese new year celebrations.

What’s more, the clash comes at a moment of weakness for Manhattan’s fashion industry. Few designers in any of the fashion capitals hold out much hope of showing new collections in front of an audience in the coming weeks, and every fashion week is struggling to maintain visibility while fighting for digital bandwidth.

But while Milan, Paris and London still have household names flying the flag for their virtual fashion weeks, New

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