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Watch Lindsey Vonn Ski Through Thom Browne’s Fall 2021 Collection In a Paris Fashion Week Film


These Fashion Month Trends Are The Perfect Mix Of Comfort & High Fashion

Though almost nothing about Fashion Month looks like it did pre-COVID, one thing has remained constant about the biannual event: the arrival of new fashion trends. There are almost no in-person shows, and many presentations were taped long before official calendars commenced, and yet, just as they did a year ago — before the pandemic firmly took hold — this season’s collections were full of pieces for us to covet and copy come fall ‘21. According to some designers, autumn’s fashion landscape will remain steadfast in its pursuit of comfort, with brands like Miu Miu, Loewe, and Bevza debuting cloud-like pieces that look to be the sartorial equivalent of a hug. On the other end of the spectrum, designers are looking ahead, to a time when we have a reason to dress up again. Glamorous looks, ranging from bedazzled accoutrements to ‘80s-esque mini dresses and sequin gowns, which appeared on runways at Paco Rabanne, Alberta Ferretti, and Prabal Gurung. Other statement-making extras arrived in the form of stockings of all types, from knee-high socks at Sandy Liang to tie-dye tights at Maisie Wilen; oversized scarves at The Row, Ganni, and Rick Owens; and matching sets that are perfect for both lockdown and non-lockdown activities. But we’ve already given too much away.Click ahead to find out which trends we’ll be wearing next fall.Après-SkiIn Paris, designers were inspired by the nearby Alps and other mountainscapes. The winter Olympics led Thom Browne to design puffer coat gowns that were showcased among alpine trees and snow. Miu Miu followed suit, with Miuccia Prada presenting a chalet-ready selection of furry snow boots, balaclavas, and bear-like gloves, also in the snowy mountains. Chanel, though shot inside at a replica of the Paris nightclub Castel, added to the après-ski theme, with snowsuits and snow boots made of tweed and shearling.Miu MiuPhoto: Courtesy of Miu Miu.ChanelPhoto: Courtesy of Chanel.Thom BrownePhoto: Courtesy of Thom Browne.Fuzzy FashionFrom fur-lined capes at Prada to fuzzy, fringed coats at Fendi, fashion’s getting a cozy touch for fall ’21 with clothes you’ll want to nuzzle up to.FendiPhoto: Courtesy of Fendi.PradaPhoto: Courtesy of Prada.CoachPhoto: Courtesy of Coach.Tod’sPhoto: Courtesy of Tod’s.Alberta FerrettiPhoto: Courtesy of Alberta Ferretti.LemairePhoto: Courtesy of Lemaire.’80s GlamThough many look down upon the ‘80s and its sometimes-puzzling trends — belts over cable knit sweaters paired with stirrup leggings, anyone? — there’s something to be said about the era’s party aesthetic. Knowing that we can’t wait to dress up in glamorous nighttime looks again, designers showcased jewels, sequins, and polka dots.PradaPhoto: Courtesy of Prada.Paco RabannePhoto: Courtesy of Paco Rabanne.BalmainPhoto: Courtesy of Balmain.Alberta FerrettiPhoto: Courtesy of Alberta Ferretti.Prabal GurungBronx And BancoPhoto: Courtesy of Getty.MarkarianPhoto: Courtesy of Markarian.PuffersIn 2021, we miss hugs. Unfortunately, given the whole six-feet-apart rule, receiving one from someone who isn’t in your pod isn’t as easy (or safe) as it once was. That’s where puffers come in. Sure, they’ll keep you warm on a cold day, but this season’s jacket selection — which comes with pillow-like bags, scarves, and more — will also cradle you in a tight embrace of style and comfort. Rick OwensPhoto: Courtesy of OWENSCORP.LoewePhoto: Courtesy of Loewe.Miu MiuPhoto: Courtesy of Miu Miu.Louis VuittonPhoto: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.StaudPhoto: Courtesy of Staud.MarniPhoto: Courtesy of Marni.LemairePhoto: Courtesy of Lemaire.AknvasPhoto: Courtesy of Aknvas.AmbushPhoto: Courtesy of Ambush.DIY Blame it on all the time we’ve been spending at home, sitting at our makeshift craft tables, and slowly making our way through Pinterest, but designers are bringing DIY to the runway — and not just in the form of tie-dye (though there is plenty of that, too, this season). Rather, it’s crystal detailing, crochet work, quilted fabrics, and more that popped up during Fashion Month, where Claudia Li added gemstone bows to duvet outerwear and SoCal designer Stan upcycled quilts to create jackets and trousers. Claudia LiPhotography by: Benn Jae.ErdemPhoto: Courtesy of Erdem.StanPhoto: Courtesy of Stan. LibertinePhoto: Courtesy of Libertine.Matching SetsMatching sets have become a quarantine fashion mainstay — and they’re only getting more stylish. Easy to throw on, put-together, and effortlessly chic, co-ords make an obvious choice for designers trying to predict what our wardrobes will look like six months on. Expect suede (Alberta Ferretti), knitwear (Victor Glemaud), fleece (Staud), and leather at (Ganni). Alberta FerrettiPhoto: Courtesy of Alberta Ferretti.FendiPhoto: Courtesy of Fendi.Jonathan SimkhaiPhoto: Courtesy of Jonathan Simkhai.Victor GlemaudPhoto: Courtesy of Victor GlemaudGanniPhotography by: Lana Ohrimenko.StaudPhoto: Courtesy of Staud.TightsWith the Gossip Girl reboot on the way, we should’ve expected that hosiery in all fabric- and colorways would make it to runways during Fashion Month. At Maisie Wilen, tie-dye and mismatched tights were combined with skirt sets and pastel-colored lace-up sandals, adding up to optimistic looks capable of saving us from even the grayest of fall days. Knee-length, sheer socks adorned the legs of models at Sandy Liang, who finished off the prep-school look with Mary-Janes and patent leather clogs. Ulla Johnson, Bronx and Banco, and Dirty Pineapple, too, added tights to the mix for fall ‘21. Maisie WilenPhotography by: Zev SchmidtzMarine SerrePhoto: Courtesy of Marine Serre.PradaPhoto: Courtesy of Prada.Sandy LiangPhoto: Courtesy of Sandy Liang.Ulla JohnsonPhoto: Courtesy of Ulla Johnson.Big ShoesOnly in quarantine, when shoes don’t have to be practical, would bulbous footwear — the kind that will almost certainly give you shin splints if you wear them too often — be trending on runways. For Ambush’s menswear show, models were decked out in Puddle Boot-like rainboots that looked more like clown shoes (in a chic way) than Wellies. PH5 saw models clomping on an all-white set in matching clogs with epic proportions. Similarly-sized clogs were also spotted at Area’s first “couture” show in January, though theirs were metallic and included gemstones. Suffice to say, if spring ‘21 saw the rise of the big bag, fall ‘21 will bring about its successor: the big shoe. PH5Photography by: Lee Kun Seok.Statement ScarvesLenny Kravitz called, he wants his scarf back. At Y/Project’s menswear collection in January, oversized scarves hid the models’ faces completely. At Ganni and The Row, fashion’s favorite designers turned the standard winter accessory into even more of a statement, creating sweater-scarf hybrids that will have you asking, Where does my scarf end and my sweater begin? London-based designer Ka Wa Key followed suit, attaching rainbow, fuzzy scarves around the necks, heads, and bodies of its fall ‘21 lineup of models. Photo: Courtesy of The Row.Thom BrownePhoto: Courtesy of Thom Browne.Rick OwensPhoto: Courtesy of OWENSCORP.FendiKa Wa KeyPhoto: Courtesy of Ka Wa Key.GanniPhotography by: Lana Ohrimenko.Tranquil FashionWhile the maximalist aesthetic is currently trending, designers at Bevza, The Row, and Rosetta Getty envisioned a more tranquil wardrobe of essentials for fall. The result? Soft, cozy fabrics — in the form of knit hoods, sweater dresses, and coats — in visually calming, monochrome color palettes — from cool grays to warm oatmeals. BevzaPhoto: Courtesy of Bevza.FendiPhoto: Courtesy of Fendi.The RowPhoto: Courtesy of The Row.Rosetta GettyPhoto: Courtesy of Rosetta Getty.Proenza SchoulerPhoto: Courtesy of Proenza Schouler.Jonathan SimkhaiPhoto: Courtesy of Jonathan Simkhai.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Copenhagen Is Leading Fashion Week Sustainability2021 Lingerie Trends To Shop NowAccording To NYFW, Clogs Aren’t Going Anywhere